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Xing: The Land Beyond

During GDC this past March, White Lotus Interactive revealed astounding images of dreamy landscapes in their game XING: The Land Beyond. Charisma +2 had a mere taste of what it looks like on the PC and through the Oculus Rift headset and the result was breathtaking. When it comes to visual representation words like elegant, stunning, or gorgeous can’t seem to do enough justice. As for game play, fans of [&hellip

Demon Crusade

NGames recently announced its turn-based adventure MMORPG, Demon Crusade, is now open to all players. Drawing on rich mythologies from both Chinese and Western traditions, Demon Crusade is set in a land in crisis after the disappearance of the Devil King. Players embark on a journey through Devil Land as they strive to protect the Demon Temple from destruction. To celebrate its official move into open beta, players in Demon [&hellip

Rose: Time Apart

Anyone who grew up during the 80s should remember how awesome the horror flicks were back then, not to mention the adventure titles such as The Goonies, Explorers, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, where kids played heroic protagonists instead just playing as… kids. What better way to relive those classic moments than through a game! In Tel-Aviv, Israel, Cellar Door Interactive just announced Rose: Time Apart, a 3D point and click [&hellip

NeverSeeYa Nights is coming to XboxOne in 2015

NeverWinterNights on Xbox One? Yes Please! Time to prepare for the hibernation and arrange for conjugal visits.   When I first met the guy who was to become my hubby, I used jest that he would play NeverSeeYa Nights. Now that we have side by side gaming set ups, I am happy to say that I will be able to just turn my head occasionally to get a second opinion [&hellip

QuakeCon part 3 – Wrack!

  Even at QuakeCon gamers had to take minimal breaks from hours of gaming, but not necessarily away from the gaming area. After some stretching, a quick bite to eat and a refreshing energy drink it’s time to cuddle in a soft blanket with a pillow nearby. Meanwhile Indiana Jones films are playing in subtitles on the side of a wall, whereas other screens show announcements or game play footage. [&hellip

QuakeCon part 2 – The Evil Within

Besides the giveaways, tournaments, the irresistible swag, and the eye-catching hardware being shown off, another great reason to attend QuakeCon is the opportunity to… play games! However, those unable to bring their own computers must settle for standing in line to try out new titles. This year, a certain standout is nothing short of creepy, but in a good way. For one reason, the title is called The Evil Within. [&hellip

QuakeCon part 1 – Elder Scrolls Online

QuakeCon 2014 happened this week with crazy cool games, prizes and previews of great things to come like the all-new innovative DOOM, which Charisma + 2 founder Yvonna Lynn shares in her article. Folks, it gets bigger and better every year, so if you missed out, then plan for 2015! Zenimax Online Studios had their creative team assemble in a Q & A panel to show and discuss new footage [&hellip

DOOM old,new, and hopes

If you would like to have a recollection of what we, at the QuakeCon convention, actually saw, I recommend my new friend IGN’s Vince Ingenito’s coverage here. My piece is, as most of my articles, the more human side of our techy gaming experiences. Clearly, as seen through the numerous reactions online, much of the id loving world felt jipped by not being able to see the Doom Gameplay that [&hellip

LEGO Batman 3 Tout Image_538666543a2cb6.92620303
Lego Batman 3 at SDCC 14

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Blasts Off for an Out-of-this-World Showcase at San Diego Comic Con 2014! LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham blasts off for an out-of-this-world showcase at San Diego Comic Con 2014!  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games will be hosting a LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham panel and the game will be available for first consumer hands-on throughout the show. Check out the full San Diego Comic-Con [&hellip

QC volunteer Jim

QuakeCon Jim QuakeCon has been an annual tradition for LAN lovers since 1996. Of course times change and grow in gaming, events, and the world so let us take a quick look back and bring us up to this week. If you want to see the very beginnings of QuakeCon, check out the launch video that is image linked below later. With QuakeCon starting THIS THURSDAY, I wanted to highlight [&hellip

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