Yvonna’s Nirvana

Yvonna’s Nirvana
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Yvonna’s Nirvana


Noon Central Time for One Hour


Yvonna’s Nirvana is a follow up to what organically grew into a semi-weekly workout while gaming called Cardiablo (cycling while gaming).  Cardiablo (Jump to about 40 minutes into it for the juice of the session) grew from a youtube series also part of F3G‘s (Fitness For Fierce Gamers) first step to healthiness which was getting prepared mentally before embarking on new resolutions. My Cplus2 stream stays on a positive note that is free of name calling or negativity that often accompanies streaming. Yvonna’s Nirvana also consists of a compilation of various exercises discovered over the years of research on numerous exercise programs. This program works toning without building muscle mass. The small precision movements work the deep muscles that support the more superficial ones and have a focus on soothing back pain. As with all exercise programs, please consult your physician.*

BEFORE!  Start out with a series of thorough stretches before beginning this program. I am unable to do an entire workout while gaming online like I did with Cardiablo because I need to be able to hold the controller, so be smart! This is just part of the program I can do while gaming. I suggest if you are just starting out with a fitness program of any kind, beginning each day or exercise session with my Star Trek Yoga for Noobs and more advanced stretches as your exercise programs develop.

1) The Professor Xavier

Stretching both your feet, legs straight out in front of you, go to just the point of exertion and make teeny tiny movements up and down. TINY movements, like 1/4 “. Work your way up to 100 count.


2)  The Chun-Li


Sitting with one knee bent the other stretched out. You’ll need to put your knee down, still bent, half Indian style sitting, on the floor once you get flexible enough that it gets in the way. Get to that point of stretch where you can feel it start to burn, then just make teeny movements up and down. Do this alternating legs at a count to 100 for each leg.

3) The Jean Claude Van Damme

4 JCVDNow it is not likely that everyone reading this, myself included can currently do a full splits like this iconic hero, but he did have to start somewhere, like you will need to today. So after sitting on the floor and not over-stretching, lean forward and make again, those tiny movements up and down. Work up to 100

4) Cammy Thigh Squeeze

5 Cammy
An all time favorite character of all gamers would have to be Street Fighter’s Cammy! Strong, sassy, and 100% incredible legs! No loose jiggly thighs there! Sadly, we likely don’t have a Charlie or a Cammy in our room to practice with, so grab a chair, stool, or whatever works and put your arches around the legs of the stool and squueze! Work your way up to a count of 100.

5) Assassin’s Creed Shackles

6 AC

Who could ever forget seeing Anne and Mary as they came before their hearing in shackles. Fear not, that was only to strengthen their triceps! Putting your arms outstretched to the sides, palms up, holding your controller in one hand, turn your palms over as much as you can 360*, then while keeping your shoulders relaxed pull your hands behind you grabbing your controller with both hands, and lifting it as high as you can making little bitty movements up and down. Work your way up t the count of 100.

6) Guile’s One Leg Up
7 Guiles

Street Fighter’s Guiles did not just put on a shirt stuffed with a foam 6 pack! No way, he built those with hard work, and anti-gravity hair. However, even if your hair is just normal, you can still keep one leg bent, knee in the air with the other leg pointed to the ceiling, lifting your head, neck, and shoulders into a crunched position until you begin to feel the burn, then again, make small, precise movements up and down at that exertion point just 1/4″ lifts. Work your way up to 100. Alternate legs and repeat.

7) Deadpool’s Double Boot

8 Deadpool


Our beloved smartass, Mexican food praising mariachi, hyper violent Deadpool doesn’t just astound us with his non sequitur jokes, he mesmerizes us with his mind and body abilities. Taking a tip from his double boot kick to Crossbones face, lift both legs up, lower them slightly until you get to the burn state if you already have some nice abs going for ya, then lift your head, neck, and shoulders in the hull position and tighten upward and back in tiny movements working your way up to 100.

8) Xiaoqiao Outer Thigh Toning (bent)

EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image

You may think of Xiaoqiao as Dynasty Warrior’s lil girl with an infant’s voice, but man does she have some strong, tone thighs! Not too muscular, just perfectly smooth. As you can see her getting into the starting pose for the exercise, you will sit, bending one leg into the Indian Style sitting position, and facing the other leg in the same direction with the foot aiming towards your seat. Put the extended thigh to be even with your torso in alignment. Your foot will now be behind you. One leg sitting Indian style, One leg bent, thigh even with the hips and torso, with the foot behind you. You will need to lean over to help balance. You can use the back of a couch or a chair for balance if need be. If you have lower back pain, lean over even more. Then lift the knee of the leg off to the side up and swing the leg front and back 1/4″ movements. Work your way to 100.

9) River Tam’s Outer Thigh Strengthener (straight leg)

10 River Tam

Ever watched Firefly? Well of course you have! Every person I know has! Surely you have noticed Summer Glau’s phenomenal fight sequences! Before she can gracefully drop into a pos like this so effortlessly, she did similar exercises to the one you are about to do now! Simply, repeat the entire #9 except you will extend the bent leg out straight to the side, making sure that the leg is in alignment with the hips and torso- all one staright line. Go to the count of 100 on both legs, taking breaks when necessary.

10) Leeloo’s arrest


Laying down on your back with your arms up, elbows even with your armpits and fingers pointing upwards. Lift one knee towards your torso. Slowly tilt the lifted knee to the opposite side of the body, leaving the shoulders on the mat. If your knee doesn’t touch the floor yet, no worries. Just move the knee slowly towards the floor and back up 1/4″ to the count of 100 and then switch sides.

QL yl bio sig

* Please consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. This is especially important for persons over age 35 or persons with pre-existing health problems. Yvonna Lynn and affiliates of Charisma+2 assume no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this program

The advice given on Cplus2magazine.com/CharismaPlus2.com, or Yvonnalynn.com is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain, severe discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath and consult a medical expert. Start slowly and at the level that is appropriate for you. Not all exercise plans are suitable for everyone.



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