Yvonna is on Xbox Gamer Spotlight in 2012

Yvonna is on Xbox Gamer Spotlight in 2012
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OMG! I’m on Xbox Gamer Spotlight in 2012

I am featured on Xbox’s Gamer Spotlight CLICK here!> Xbox Gamer Spotlight Yvonna Lynn 2012 it was a super fun Interview, Thanks Zilla!



This is soooo fricking cool! I am doing a happy, silly jig/jerk/spaz dance combo right now that is definitely earning 5 stars in my living room. I am totally unaccustomed to being in the spotlight even though I have made my living acting and modeling. Somehow I just never end up being highlighted. Historically, I tend to deflect any focus on me to be redirected to others, in fact, it is that very thing that motivated my current career path.


So you may be wondering how out of the zillions of Xboxer people did this happen to me? Well the ever so lovely and awesome FPSer Isis from my gamer model agency Charisma+2 who promoted me and thought I’d be a good candidate- so thank you, Isis! You are Awesome! I truly think of all of the girl and guy models at C+2 as being spotlight worthy material! In fact, Many of the C+2 girls are in the Maxim Gamer Girl Contest (Though I had not planned on entering it and had thought of backing out. I was persuaded not to, so who knows! But I do, above all, want to highlight the C+2 girlies. You can find the ones that entered here for an easy voting list!  We have 250 gamer models and not all wanted to enter, but those that didn’t enter enjoy supporting those that did. Yup, its that cuteness overload sweetness here. Ok, I’ll stop flagrantly promoting my models and get back to… squeeeeee…. this cool honor!




Now it has been said, like in Destructoid, that being in the Xbox Gamer spotlight is not such a fantastic thing, people might call spotlighted females bad names or send them raunchy photos, etc, but you know what? I call Cow Cookies on that. Now don’t get me wrong… I do realize it happens! After being on the Major Minute at GDC some years back, I had to have my hubby go through my messages because after the first crotch shot photo, I was repulsed.

People can be thoughtless or mean idiots, but it doesn’t take being spotlighted to bring that out in them, it just increases the numbers of foolish people able to find you in particular. The great part nowadays is the ability to edit who sends you content is easily handled by adjusting the settings on what is received by going online at XboxLive.



It has been a couple years since articles like this, which was certainly relevant at the time . At this day in age though, I don’t think girl gamers are such a rarity or are harassed nearly as much for being a female gamer. Perhaps trolls and jerks trash talk but I think more often than not people get insulted for not being skilled… I mean guy gamers get the same flack.

In fact since forming my agency in ’06, I have slowly developed more female gamer friends than males. So being 2012, I don’t think female gamers can play the “Woe is me, I’m being persecuted because I am a girl” card nearly as easily as they once did. Most importantly, we just have to brush off those sort of silly insults or crude comments from outside people (guys and girls). By the same token, we might be wise to not believe all the “you are the most awesome person who ever walked the face of the earth” type lines too. Chances are… whenever you are spotlighted in any venue- the reality is that you lie somewhere in the middle of the extreme hate and extreme praise.



In this case, I am particularly flattered. I have always had and loved my PC and all the consoles as well… but ever since I got to go to the Xbox launch in the Mojave desert in ’05, I have always felt a closeness to the franchise. Thank you, Xbox, for spotlighting me! *checks off bucket list


To this day, this hoodie is my favorite swag evar!

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