Xing: The Land Beyond

Xing: The Land Beyond
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During GDC this past March, White Lotus Interactive revealed astounding images of dreamy landscapes in their game XING: The Land Beyond. Charisma +2 had a mere taste of what it looks like on the PC and through the Oculus Rift headset and the result was breathtaking. When it comes to visual representation words like elegant, stunning, or gorgeous can’t seem to do enough justice. As for game play, fans of atmospheric adventure puzzle games such as Myst, Axel and Pixel, The Longest Journey or The Lost City need look no further.

In the world of XING, players pass into a kind of afterlife where they must unlock secrets as to who they are and why they were sent here. Exploration is essential even while solving environment-based enigmas and gaining skill in mastering the use of powers like rain and snow to progress throughout the game. Mysterious lands with volcanoes, forests, deserts, mountains and more await curious souls journeying across the threshold between life, death and universal transcendence. On this spiritual expedition the player will encounter other souls trapped in various dominions who long to be set free. In return they share their stories in the form of poetry, and supply aid in solving puzzles.

A dedicated team of three came together through a college Level I Design course and eventually joined forces to create something bigger than a mere class project. In March 2013 they launched a Kickstarter campaign which earned them twice what they were asking for. By summer they brought on Oculus Rift Integration, by fall they became Steam Greenlit and since then have showcased their product at conventions like GDC, Indiecade’s E3 booth, Pax Prime and with more to come! Once students at university; now, the extraordinarily talented trio are full-time independent game developers putting 40-70 hours a week of intense work all remotely from the sanctuary of their homes.


Unreal Engine 4

Original Score

A story told through poetry

Oculus Rift Enabled

Weather Control

3-D Environmental Puzzles

Dazzling 3-D Environments

Integrated Day-Night Cycle Intuitive

First-Person Controls

Their philosophy has always been to “make something that we enjoy playing, and to continue to expand our skills and knowledge to further improve the quality of the game.”   

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