Winterflame: The Other Side

Winterflame: The Other Side
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Award-winning Indonesian game studio Artoncode is excited to share their stunning production with all the world. While they’re not too far from achieving their funding goals on Kickstarter, with only 12 days left, they still need help from the gaming community.       winter

Everyone knows beauty is way more than just a source of imagery. When viewed or felt in its glorious varieties, none seems to educate the mind and touch the soul quite like that of story form. And what better way to discover beauty than engrossing oneself into an enchanting interactive tale like Winterflame: The Other Side?

The main character is Lev, a human incapable of using magic, and an outcast living in a society of Frameless, who are both responsible for Levi’s birth city’s invasion and saving him in the aftermath. Raised by a kindhearted family, Lev befriends their daughter Raina, with whom he develops a deep emotional friendship that fills a human void in this alien society, and which also acts as a bridge between his mortal shell and their wonders… until the day of her vanishing that ripples through Lev’s conscience and shakes his stance in this society. The Frameless sit and wait patiently for their gods to break the silence, a silence that is slowly killing Lev from the inside.

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Epic surroundings await anxious explorers willing to journey within them where puzzles engage players through color, music and logic. This side-scrolling adventure game contains at least 50 challenges in 5 different areas and more than 20 magical combinations to overcome them. Expect exclusive game mechanics that bend reason and the laws of nature based on the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water. As the elements react to different objects in the environment they can also be paired with each other to create new effects.

The full release of Winterflame: The Other Side will be available for download on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms by March 2016.

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Remember, this title is not yet fully completed and the many talented people at Artoncode could really use assistance from gamers who care. Let’s help them make this project happen!

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