Kimmie’s Week In Geek!

Kimmie’s Week In Geek!
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Ever have that problem where you’re at work but sneaking in the bathroom to check out nerdy news while you’re on the pooper? But the problem is that you can’t open the video because the noise would give you away? Then once you got home, you couldn’t remember what it was you stumbled upon that interested you so much in the first place? Oh. I mean no, I’ve never done that. At all. But I can imagine how annoying that would be, so here’s a handy place for the best of the best the best geeky tidbits that I’ve seen this week!

The Best Of The Week:

Her Universe Clothing Line Cuts a Deal With Hot Topic!

There can be only one for the best of the week, and Ashley Eckstein wins our top spot as she announced on Thursday via her Her Universe Facebook Fanpage (which you should go like if you haven’t already) some fantastically exciting news. The Her Universe clothing line for women, made by the beautiful Eckstein herself and also the voice of spunky Ahsoka Tano of The Clone Wars cartoon, is teaming up with Hot Topic to feature their all new items on May 4th! All Star Wars merch is 20% off and the first 50 people to buy a new Her Universe item on will receive the amazing tote bag that I’ve been drooling over for the past three months, FOR FREE! Not only is that what I was planning on getting, but that is a 20 dollar value right there. Head over to the Official Her Universe Fanpage to leave Ashley your congratulations on finally getting us gals back into Hot Topic stores without shame!

(May 4th Update: Hot Topic is ALREADY sold out of all of the tote bags, ONE OF WHICH IS SHIPPING TO ME AS I TYPE THIS, HURRAH! However, Eckstein has confirmed that they will be sold again starting tomorrow on the website!)

The Rest Of The Week:

Team Unicorn Celebrates Star Wars Day!

In keeping with the Star Wars theme of today, the lovely ladies from Team Unicorn put together this video, directed by Seth Green and produced by The Nerdist Channel. While the premise is a little big pandering, it’s a silly sequel to Saber with Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt not only as the leading ladies, but also the producers as well. My advice? Let him have it. It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer #3!

Unfortunately for me, the only adjective that comes to mind after seeing trailer number three of The Amazing Spider-Man is already listed in the title. With Andrew Garfield breathing more life into the character of Peter Parker than his predecessor, he has made me a fan all over again and restored my faith in the reboot with three short sentences. Watch, and see if you can guess what they were. Let the lol’ing and flailing commence!

Someone At Forbes Wants To Play The Game Of Thrones RPG As Much As I Do!

Cashing in once again on the popularity of George R. R. Martin’s world of Westeros means that Winter is coming in just about a week’s time from the direction of Cyanide Studio. In development since 2009 by Cyanide and Atlus Publishing, the Game Of Thrones RPG style game will follow two new to the plot playable characters, who are hinted at by GRRM to be included in later books. Which gives credibility to the theory that he just makes shit up as he goes along. Erik Kane, the resident geeky contributor at Forbes, listed his thoughts on the matter in an easily digestible format, entitled “Five Reasons Cyanide’s “Game Of Thrones” RPG Actually Looks Pretty Awesome.” With the recent surge of interest in medieval games and the HBO original series, The Game Of Thrones RPG is slated for a May 15th release on XBOX, PS3 and PC.

Megan Lara Shadowcat Nouveau Ladies’ Tees Back in Stock! has added an older (but highly sought after!) Megan Lara print to their roster in the form of Women’s tees. As a gal who owns two of Lara’s prints and rotates them weekly, it is nice to have the women’s version of miss Kitty Pryde, codename Shadowcat, available to buy again! Not quite as exciting as Ashley Eckstein’s news since I’ve been waiting for this particular shirt to be back in a ladies size for a good 6 months, but definitely worth it to buy. You can find this and other awesome shirts at Looking for a different Nouveau print? Check out Megan Lara’s official website for more fabulous prints and where to find them! Bonus points if you get that reference. :]

The Legend of Korra and Game of Thrones Mashup

I like the internet. I especially like videos on the internet. I REALLY especially like videos that combine two of the only reasons I watch regularly scheduled programming. On the internet. Has it come across yet that I am, in fact, a bit of a Thronie? No? Well, since I’m always searching for new, awesome renditions of the epic Game of Thrones intro by composer Ramin Djawadi, this week’s best mashup combines the original title song with the new animation of the sequel to ​Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra.​ It’s a fun little piece of work that I wish I’d thought of myself. The Avatar is coming.

Awesome Metal Guy Who Winks Before Everything Covers Dr. Who

Whovians, rejoice! ​In my ultimate and neverending quest to find and share the world’s best interwebs videos, I came across this little gem. The title says it all, really. \m/

Is there anything you’ve seen this week that didn’t make my Week In Geek list? Let me know in the comments below, or via IHOGeek’s Facebook and Twitter! You can also reach me directly @killerr_queen! And May the 4th be with you! …Always.

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