Tom Vs. The Armies From Hell

Tom Vs. The Armies From Hell
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More and more clever indie games keep coming out in 2016. Is anyone a fan of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead? Then you’ll appreciate Tom Vs. The Armies From Hell.

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So who is Tom? He’s just an average guy who’s a software engineer by trade and a demon hunter by fate. Of course the super talented one-man game studio Darkmire Entertainment created a much more detailed backstory regarding our unlikely hero. He was a low-level software engineer at tech conglomerate, Questionable Technologies — his days filled with unrewarding tedium, his nights filled with unpaid overtime. Tom was truly living the American Dream. One day, a routine R&D experiment in a secret research lab beneath Tom’s office opened a portal to Hell (cue dramatic chipmunk). Accidents never open a portal to Tahiti, or even one of the Dakotas. Nope. Always Hell. Anyway, with his office plummeting through the void between Hell and Earth — and demons rampaging all around him — Tom did what any reasonable person would do. He ran and cowered in the men’s room, where he was subsequently mauled by a demon. Luckily for Tom (using “luckily” loosely here), he was saved-slash-turned into a demon hybrid by a purple imp named Beezle. Now, with the aid of his newly acquired demon powers and an experimental gun that weaponizes freshly released souls, Tom must face off against countless hordes of demonic enemies — or find himself stranded in Hell for all eternity.

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How does this game not scream the word: fun? Okay a scream isn’t needed, yet per se. But everyone knows humor and horror have always been an irresistible match.

In this story-driven, challenging indie action-adventure, you play as Tom: software engineer by trade, demon hunter by fate — the hero we didn’t know we needed in these tumultuous times.

Fight your way out of Hell by turning souls into demon-killing weapons. Shoot demons in the face through more than six levels filled with a full cadre of demonic entities — including challenging minions and hair-raising boss fights!

The souls of the fallen can be absorbed into specialized ammo, turning Tom’s gun into a rapid-fire blaster, flamethrower, shotgun, and more. Close range combat? Use Tom’s demon arm to smash enemies to a bloody pulp. Finally, if you’re caught between lava and sharp teeth, it’s time to temporarily transform Tom into a demon himself!

Need a demon-killing break from your day job? Sometimes a Steam key is all it takes!

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* Enjoy a story-driven single-player campaign — just like mom used to make!
* Blast away with a dynamic gun system, where absorbed souls turn into demon-killing weaponry.
* Laugh out loud with an original, humorous story revealed across six challenging levels.
* Stare at beautifully animated 2D and in-game cutscenes.
* Mow through hordes of procedurally placed enemies; no two playthroughs are exactly alike!

The full release of Tom vs. The Armies of Hell will be available on Steam for both Windows and Mac starting July 27th — at the price of $12.99.

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