To be Yennefer of Vengerburg

To be Yennefer of Vengerburg
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It’s here. One of the biggest games to hit PC and console since Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or World of Warcraft, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And I have been absolutely fascinated by the depth, beauty and development of the female characters. I’m so excited to feature the three core ladies of the Witcher 3; Wild Hunt in a makeup cosplay series, Yennefer, Triss Merigold and Ciri. First up is Yennefer of Vengerburg. Yennefer is as beautiful as she is powerful, sporting intense violet eyes and raven dark hair. She is a romantic entanglement of Geralt of Rivia, took the role of mother with Geralt’s ward Ciri and a quarter of her blood is elven. Spoiler’s alert!!

Now that the tedious information is out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff. Yennefer’s makeup is seductive and dark with a purple/pink base running throughout. Screenshots and promos taken from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,




Starting with a clean face.

Yen’s Eye Look:

We’re going to be working with some pretty dark, vibrant, pigmented colors. So I pulled out my MAC Painterly paint pot. It gave me a light base that will cover any little veins or skin discoloration on the lid as well as giving the shadows something to stick to. The keys to her eyes is layering and softness.

I scooped out a bit on my ring finger and patted it on my eyelids until I achieve full coverage from lashes to brows.


To start the eyeshadow work, I wanted to have a base and mostly neutral shadow. I used Unexpected by Makeup Geek Cosmetics. It’s a very light lavender. This made the darker and brighter shadows more easy to blend. The brush I used was Morphe Brushes Angel Merino brush AC57.

I blended Unexpected all of the lid and into the crease.

The darkness begins. I took Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow in Noir and the Luxie eye shading brush in 213, a short shader brush.

I filled in my lid as evenly as possible with the black. Stopping just short of the crease.

Next I wanted to add something a little more special to the generic black lid. I fell in love with ColourPop Cosmetics Bae. A sparkling duo chrome with eggplant, turquiose and emerald.


With my MAC 239 brush, I wet it and swish it in the gloriousness of Bae and patted it over Noir until it was even.

One of my all-time favorite purples is Anastasia Beverly Hills Sangria. Rich and a bit of shimmer. I used mine from the Tamanna palette by ABH (but it is available sold individually) and Morphe Brush AC60 by Angel Merino. I moderately blended Sangria into the crease with a windshield wiper motion leaving a place to transition the dark shimmery goodness with the rich purple.



Then I took Bae by ColourPop on the same wet brush or my ring finger and patted it in that space between the Noir and the Sangria. I then cleaned the fluffy Morphe Brush AC57 from earlier and lightly blend the two neatly together until they are seamless. I also took Fresh from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna palette (also sold individually) and blended that along the brow bone and diffused the upper edges of Sangria with Luxie flat angled blender 150 brush.


Jumping to Yen’s brows. They are fairly full and defined but not overly arched. I decided on the Anastasia Beverly Hill dip brow pomade in ebony with my ABH brow brush in 12. I started by outlining the desired shape lightly. Next with light brush strokes I filled in the brows and then brushed them through thoroughly. Yen’s are defined but natural.


Her look is very soft and smokey. So I chose to go back in with ABH Noir and a small, dense smudger brush (this one by Bare Escentuals) and smoke in a soft, dark wing by the lash line. It doesn’t have to be painstakingly precise as it can be blended out a bit with the lid colors. The key is softness. Interestingly enough, Yennefer’s dark eye doesn’t wrap all the way around the eye as does, for example, Ciri’s. In keeping with the personal screenshots of the character, I smudged a bit of black only on the outer third of the lower lash line.


To add depth and dimension, I used Morphe Brush AC 61 pencil brush to run a touch of Sangria to the middle third of the lower lash line. And finished off with Fresh on the inner third making sure to blend them into seamless gradation. Finally I polished this lovely purple smokey eye with Benefit’s They’re Real mascara on my bottom lashes. I have pretty thick lash extensions but if I were to choose a false lash to wear for Yennefer, it would be House of Lashes Iconic style. Pictures are in order of the aforementioned steps.


As quick reference, here’s a visual step by step guide. Blend it to the depth and intensity that strikes you personally!


Yen’s Flawless Face

After I cleaned up any fall out from the smokey eye, I primed my clean skin with Cover FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum (great for people, like myself with dryer skin) to fill in my pores and give the perfect canvas for the rest of her flawless face. I then swiped L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in the yellow corrector under my eyes and patted it evenly into the skin. The yellow brightened the area and helped conceal my sleepless nights of monster-killing dark circles.


I decided to use my most favorite combination for foundation. Luminous yet full coverage. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is, hands down, the most full coverage foundation/concealer on the market. Expensive but one small jar lasts forever (literally years) because it takes almost nothing to cover any blemish, pore, scar, broken capillaries, redness or discoloration etc as well as lasting all day. I found it is almost too heavy by itself so I mixed Gerard Cosmetics BB+ illumination creme with it (lotion works as well) and voila! The perfect full coverage, glowy skin! For Yennefer, I mixed the two pretty 50/50 and applied it with the Luxie Stippling face brush 508. I admit, I’m one of those people that do love a beauty blender. After stippling the mixture on my face I blended it out with a damp beauty blender.



And drumroll please, one of the biggest topics of this season. Contour! I contoured for Yennefer in a fairly standard way.  I used the MAC pro concealer palettes in Light and Dark and the MAC 195 brush. I drew in the highlight with pale yellow in a triangle under my eyes extending up the cheekbones, a fan shape in the center of my forehead above the brows, halfway down the center of my nose (all the way down, would make the nose look too long) and along the sides of the bottom lip. For the contour, I carved out the cheekbones with an elongated triangle in a invisible line from the top of ear to corner of mouth, a few dabs on the temple and around the perimeter of the forehead, along the jaw line and directly under the bottom lip above the chin (to enhance the pouty full-lip effect). A beauty blender will blend out that highlight seamlessly. And the Sigma FX 4 brush in the circular motion will buff out the contour and carve out Yennefer’s gorgeous bone structure.

And where there is creme there must be powder! I set the creme contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette. I didn’t want to warm up her face too much (true shadows on the face are not a bronzy color, but are of a cooler tone) so I chose the Ash Brown contour color using the Luxie flat contour brush. I set the highlight with the phenomenal Laura Mercier Translucent powder which gives it a beautiful air brush finish using the Luxie Top Kabuki face brush 536. Right above the contour and below the highlight I swept on MAC mineralize blush in Gentle with Luxie Angled Top Buffer 534 brush.



I really wanted to add a special and unique makeup touch to pay homage to her sorceress nature. I found this breathtaking highlight, Supernova, by Artist Couture and created by Angel Merino. It is a very finely milled duo chrome opalescent pink/lavender. I wanted to highlight, with the MAC 227 brush, the highest part of her cheekbones, directly under her brows, a smidgen at the cupid’s bow and the tiniest amount on the inner corners of the eye with my pinky finger.

Yen’s Luscious Lips

Her lips are fairly simple and beautiful in their simplicity. I started off with MAC Soar lip liner and lined and filled them in completely. I then blotted off some of the color as to not make her lip too intense. And I finished off with Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Vintage to add that luscious sheen that she always has. I want to know her secret to perfect gloss all day every day, rain or shine. To top off the makeup, a black lace front wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs/Dolluxe (Peekaboo collection) and basic lavender circle lenses to help embody the cosmetic glory of Yennefer of Vengerburg.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this transformation into the seductive and all together magical Yennefer! Triss Merigold and Ciri makeup tutorials are on their way! Kisses!


Elaheh Shine, professional MUA <3


List of products: *note: all of which take eons to run out of ;)


MAC Painterly paint pot($21); Makeup Geek Unexpected shadow ($5.99); Anastasia Beverly Hills Noir shadow($12); ColourPop Cosmetics Bae super shock shadow($5); Anastasia Beverly Hills Sangria shadow ($12); Anastasia Beverly Hills Fresh shadow ($12); Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in Ebony ($18); Benefit They’re Real mascara ($24)


Cover FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum ($38); L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in yellow corrector ($5); Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer ($48); Gerard Cosmetics BB+ illumination creme ($38 normally, on sale for $29); MAC pro concealer palettes in light and dark ($40 a piece for 6 concealers); Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette ($40); Laura Mercier Translucent powder ($37); MAC mineralize blush in Gentle ($27); Supernova highlighter by Artist Couture – at Planet Beauty ($26.99)


MAC Soar lip liner ($16); Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Vintage ($16)



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