The Lord of the Rings In Concert!

The Lord of the Rings In Concert!

The Lord of the Rings In Concert!

by Gina

“Discover the power of the One Ring through Howard Shore’s award-winning orchestral arrangement!”

Yes, more symphony music! I was lucky enough to become involved with the Lord of the Rings concert event that will be playing in San Diego on Thursday, October 13th, 2011! I will be attending as a volunteer and will be there to greet attendees while dressed as Eowyn.

Although the LOTR concert will be performing at various venues, the San Diego event in particular seems to be pretty snazzy -  there will be actual props and scenes from the movies there for people to take photos with, which makes me super excited!

I’m not sure if by props and sets they mean from the LOTR movies or from the upcoming “The Hobbit”, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it will be from the LOTR movies and that I will get to play with one of the weapons such as Anduril, Aragorn’s sword (reforged from the broken shards of Elendil’s sword, Narsil, the sword that originally defeated Sauron), or to be able to study up-close one of the elven headpieces – they were soooo exquisite. I think would die happy if I got to pose with one, even if only temporarily!

As I understand it, the presentation of the concert is pretty unique. They will be playing the full-feature film of LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring overhead on a projection screen, but with the orchestra performing all the scores live. Sounds like how billionaires watch movies! :) If you are a LOTR fan, I definitely recommend you come experience this concert with me! Even if you cannot make it to the San Diego performance, look into the other venues they will be performing at and experience the magic for yourself!

Here’s the official website for the LOTR concert tour: