The Budget Gamer Part 7: Cosplay on a Budget by Madeline

The Budget Gamer Part 7: Cosplay on a Budget  by Madeline

It is October, which means it is almost Halloween! Are you planning on making an awesome cosplay but don’t have the money/time? Awesome cosplay is doable if you stick to a budget, both timewise and moneywise. I decided to make an Ada Wong cosplay using only $30 and two days. Here’s how it went down:

I looked around my house and found the following items: burgundy thread, black ribbon, interfacing, hook and eye closures, toy gun with holster, shoes. I then went to Jo-Ann’s and bought: a sewing pattern, burgundy satin, burgundy polyester cord, black spray paint. It only cost $30 and thus I could start to make my cosplay. 



All I had to do was make my dress according to the directions on the sewing pattern, fix the gun holster to my leg, spray paint the toy gun black, and cut a length of black ribbon for my neck ribbon thingie. As you notice, I did not bother to paint butterflies on my costume nor did I get a wig. If you would like to make a cosplay on a tight budget, such details sometimes have to go out the window. 

To sum it up, this was a good exercise in how to make a cosplay on a limited time/money budget. If you would like to make a budget cosplay yourself, here are some tips: 

1. Try to find a simple cosplay. Kasumi from DOA is great; Gundams are not so great if you have limited time/money resources.

2. Look around your house to find handy materials. You never know what you may find and it will save you money.

3. Skip the more complex steps of the cosplay. Details are fun and they can take a cosplay from good to fantastic. However, if you are on a budget then be prepared to be satisfied with good. Save fantastic for when you have more money/time.