The Best of E3 2013

The Best of E3 2013
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The Best of E3 2013

downloadIt is possible that E3’s before 2005 were markedly different than the multi-million dollar booths of some of years, but I can say this year’s E3 was the most professional, smooth running, and enjoyable E3’s I have had since my first, which was great for an entirely different reason, as all firsts are. Check out CJ’s First E3 adventure here. The entire event, from the moment I arrived at Media registration was effortless and tranquil.

The less gimmicky, quieter, focus-on-the-essentials approach this year allowed for business conversations mid floor in the middle of the day, which is handy since there are not nearly enough hours to get everything handled with only closed doors meetings from open to closing. Also having seen some of the coverage of the event online, I’d say viewers not actually present at Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.34.56 PMthe event get a much better view of everything than the attendees.Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 1.23.57 PM I loved the coverage that Adam Sassler & Rev3, Geoff Keighley and GTTV (esp the hotel rooftop interviews),  Polygon and Gamespot were awesome. Although I had always enjoyed G4’s coverage (RIP), I preferred the less hype induced environment of the media just listed.

We were given direct to front of line for Destiny, and although grateful for the awesome VIP line advantage, that was not what made it win. The amazing game needed nothing other than itself to be the easy winner of Best Game of E3 2013.  This is C+2’s Best of E3 2013.

BEST GAME : Destiny(link to official site since we did not have hands on)

BEST PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE: The Last of Us (review from full game played)

BEST XBOX EXLUSIVE: Titanfall(link to official site since we did not have hands on)

BEST BOOTH: Bethesda (write up and photos)

BEST PERIPHERAL: Hyperkin (Review by our very own CJ)

BEST SWAG: Dragon Crown



BEST BOOTH “BABES” : Half Clothed! (our video… despite being around gorgeous maxim girls regularly, truly this shocked me!)

One of the BEST parts of E3 is seeing all my old dev friends I rarely see (and for some reason never take pics with), but ALSO seeing other friends I have talked to via internet for eons but had not met in person, like John Urtnowski of Battle and Brew in Atlanta.





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