The Awesomeness that is E3: Day One

Today is day two of the 2011 Electronics Entertainment Expo and things have finally slowed enough to allow me to blog a bit about my experience so far. I cannot begin to express how amazing it feels to be a part of something so great. This industry can be so tough to break into and for my first year here, I am making huge strides. I will admit that I was extremely nervous and overwhelmed at the fact that I was to take the place of the lovely Yvonna Lynn, but after swift kick in the rear (day one madness), I am ready to take the bull by the horns. I will start off by saying it is a completely different experience to be a part of the attendees and media instead of being staff at a booth. Between sprinting from hall to hall to make meetings, to flashing my media badge to get sneak previews of new and upcoming games, it is all part of what makes E3 so exhilarating. I’ve gained a whole new respect for the individuals that attend these conventions and manage to leave in one piece. Oh shoot, I’ve gone on babbling too long. I have to run to meet with the amazing creator/designer of the custom line of shoes for the new Saints Row. Keep an eye out for another post very soon recapping the booths I saw, games I played, and people I met with yesterday. Until then, GAME ON! -Kayla