Talk through a Smart Ring!

Talk through a Smart Ring!
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Startup OKTO Launches First Smart Ring That Allows You To Talk On the Wearable Tech Market

Moscow, 1/12/2015. – Startup OKTO developed a patent-pending technology responsible for Voice Function. That’s mean now you can directly make and receive calls through your smart ring – OKTO the HANDset. 


There are already 15 on everyone’s lips Smart Ring projects like Ringly, Neyya, NFC Ring, and near 11 waiting for their minute of fame. Even Apple is working on iRing project.

Most of them were designed as an additional gadget for smartphones. But such an obvious for Smart Rings Voice Function hasn’t been yet developed by anyone.

Nevertheless, the demand in such innovation in the wearables’ space is huge. Recent news reports that even the team behind Google Glass, a division now called Project Aura, is designing three new prototype gadgets, one of which would be a headset that relies only on audio.

And OKTO is the first smart ring that made it possible to fit Voice Function technology in such a small-sized gadget.

How does OKTO work

Light and stylish OKTO is absolutely user-friendly. Want to turn on OKTO – just wear it, push with your fingertip on the button to answer the call. Cup your hand over the ear and start the conversation while your phone stays in the pocket or bag. Want to turn off – just take it off.

That’s it.

We will be launching our product at Consumer Electronic Show 2016 in Las Vegas from January 6th to 9th!

We are looking forward to scheduling meeting with you and seeing at CES 2016 one-on-one to discuss OKTO in greater detail. Let us know when it’s convenient for you!

Also, for more information, please, you can, contact  me.

* OKTO is a startup from Moscow, founded this summer by two brothers – Sergey and Yury Kushpelev. The idea to develop new smart rings that allow you to make and receive calls first occurred Sergey. He encountered a problem using his smartphone. Because of its size he was forced to keep it in his bag. As a result, he started to miss important calls from his clients and family. That’s why now we have highly skilled 7 professionals: two founders, engeriers, designers, and pr manager.

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