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Articles Posted in the " christina " Category

  • Pokemon Lure Cocktail

    If you have been out all day chasing Pokemon, you may want to sit yourself down to this fabulous drink invented by Gamer Model and award winning LA mixologist Christina! Be sure to read all the way to the beginning...

  • C2 Collector Cards

    Charisma+2 Collector Cards in Calendar Who are your Favorites? Voting on models is so much more fun than voting on politicians! As we, here at Charisma+2, are wrapping up the Calendar 2013 preparations, we wanted to share with you some...

  • Charisma +2 Diablo 3 Girl of the Week: Christina

    This week’s Diablo 3 GotW feature is on the gorgeous Christina!  Click her name for more pictures and a full Bio of games and interests! Wanna play with Christina on Diablo 3? Make sure to add her BattleTag:  Andunewen#1408

  • Comic Strip: Vader v Kitten By Christina

    In addition to making silly videos C+2 Christina likes to draw silly comics. Some will be new and some will be republished from her short lived web comic; “Stuff and Things and Zombies”. Despite the name, most of Christina’s work...