Subject 13

Subject 13
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A stunning universe lies waiting with secret hidings, enigmas and mechanisms for players to discover, analyze and activate in Subject 13. This new title, developed by prolific game creator Paul Cuisset (Future Wars, Flashback…), in collaboration with international publisher of multi-platform video games Microïds, successfully achieved funding last year through Kickstarter and is now available to gamers worldwide.











Players will assume the role of Franklin Fargo, a cautious physics professor who carries a burdened existence of acrimony and loneliness after losing his beloved Sophie during a robbery. Day after day his life is quiet and ordinary as he keeps up with daily routines while haunted by devastating memories. On a morning like no other, he suddenly finds himself in an abandoned underground science factory with no way of reaching the outside world other than through a voice that refers to him as “Subject 13”. To understand the reason for being held captive in such a bizarre imprisonment he must search for clues, solve puzzles and employ creative thinking to escape nerve-wracking circumstances.

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With lush images seeming like a blend between the beloved Myst games and the mega hit TV show Lost, adventure gamers everywhere should find intrigue, challenge, emotion and moments of tranquility as they explore gorgeous 3D interactive zones riddled with mysteries to be solved. Manipulating items (rotating them, observing them in every nook and cranny), choosing dialogue, and combining links of evidence will lead to all discoveries unknown. The most common place of objects could become out to be full of surprises!



















Subject 13 is available to play on Android, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Mac, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Linux.

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