The 2015 Charity Calendar

*00 cover ashli

Here is a list of people we featured and our 12 models for the months! Cover girl Ashli Benn “Lushli“, Erika “Kitten the hut“, Francesca, Dani, Guest: Nana the Red, Jan: Roxanne, Feb: Forrest and Ashlen, March: Jessie Pridemore, April: Miss Sinister, May: Alligirl, June: CJ, July: Miyaku, August: LilyLu, September: Tiffany Jo, October: Niha, November: Sera, December: Resha. We have linked their twitter, Instagram, or Facebook public pages. Help us get bunches of donators so we can give away these great calendars! They will not be for sale and supplies truly are VERY limited! Also, postage within in continental US is included with your $12.95 donation!

This year’s Charisma+2 calendar is our best ever, both in content and purpose. Aside from featuring 12 months of Gamer Models, (some enormously popular like Miss Sinister, recently featured in Kotaku to some new fresh faces you may not have yet seen) we have even featured a full page to one of the females in the C+2 circle of friends who isn’t a model but is a wonderful cosplayer. We have also listed out national and international gaming and cosplay convention dates on their respective months where the Charisma+2 models will be.

Most importantly, we are able to send 100% of the profits to a fantastic charity called Ladies of the Round Table ( which is a non-profit charity fostering and encouraging the upcoming generation of females and their interest in science, techonology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields by raising funds for their STEM Education Scholarship Foundation for Girls.

Would you like to know more about how the scholarship is structured? Click here

While supplies last, make a donation of $12.95 or more and receive as a gift the Charisma+2 2015 calendar as a thank you for your support.

Mail outs will not be possible before Dec 9th, BUT MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY in order to reserve yours before they are all gone! Please note that this does not include shipping overseas! *This donation amount is for continental US. Anything additional would of course be appreciated as postage is not cheap. Thank you! Canadians please include an additional $5, Europeans and Asians, please have an American friend mail it to you or include an additional $9 minimum (this will not include tracking because that would cost us $60 in just postage) Thank you for understanding!


Below is a link that goes directly to LORT


Stem For Girls (1)

OVERVIEW of 2015 Calendar (the worldwide dates for gamers and cosplayers does not show)
2015 cal overview




Here in 2013, you will be able to buy, not only Calendars and Charisma+2 items, but also handmade wares by the Charisma+2 talent. Click icons to enlarge image and details.

The 2013 C+2 Calendar dated with the Gaming and Cosplay conventions across the country throughout the year and stars our own Charisma+2 talent. Currently you will also be sent the 1st edition C+2 Cosplay Collector Cards as a gift!

$10 is half off original price

We regularly donate these calendars for charity drives and encourage you to donate to some of our favorite non-profits including Operation Supply DropGamers Out ReachNPI TXspcaChilds Play CharityTXMPAtheecaSociety of Women Who Loves ShoesOperation Kindness


Do you know any of the girls on the cards? We’ve had several people saying they are collecting their autographs at conventions this coming year.


calcovers2009 Marked the first year for our calendar. You can see L337 Lauren, TipperQueen, Deanna, and the others in the calendar better HERE. Also take a look at “Where they are now” for a fun update HERE .$9.99


c2ringRing/Karma Necklace of Charisma+2

Depending on the space in your inventory, you can wear this as a ring or necklace to increase your charisma.



earrings Steampunk Earrings of Charisma+2

These Earrings have a steampunk feel to one side with the CharismaPlus2 on the other.

$14.99 Currently sold out