Steampunk Black Cat how-to

Steampunk Black Cat how-to
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Steampunk Black Cat



This article should definitely be called, “Steampunk Black Cat : How I did it” instead because I do not have the time (and in some cases skill even if I did have time) to do cosplay like a pro. On the other hand, there are lots of Cosplay Noobs who might be intimidated to jump in. This article is for you guys!

2913856-ash_and_pikachuSteampunk Black Cat is my 3rd made, not bought, outfit. If you have not made a costume before, I whole-heartedly agree with what Meredith “Ana Aesthetic” Placko and her group said in their Cosplay 101 talk at A-kon. They said to, “Begin with an outfit that only demands a small amount of home made aspects”. For instance the outfit that Ash from Pokemon wears can likely be found in your closet right now with just some minor tweaks. I also strongly suggest starting at a Thrift Shop (and yes, I hear Macklemore singing it every time I do cosplay foundational pieces). My first homemade cosplay of Han Solo. I made the cool holster almost entirely from re-used thrift store pieces. The cool part was I found a real leather Fossil purse there that was the exact color and even had some notions, like buckles, I could recycle for the piece.


Also, as with Han, it is also fun to cross gender your cosplay if you have a favorite character. How cute are these two She-Links! The whole idea of a femme version can also further justify whatever personalized, slightly “imperfect” or glammed adjustments you want to make to your cosplay. I am sure there are Cosplay purists who would shudder to think that too much leeway or artistic license should be taken as inexcusable, but unless you have a deep fear of the cosplay police, I say, “go for it and have fun”.


On that note, I’ll begin the journey of Steampunk Black Cat (“SBC”).

I tend to start with the accessories when I make a cosplay because often they are more defining of the character than even the clothes. I am sure my comfort with crafts makes it an easier starting point as well. With SBC, I started with steampunking her some claws. After needing to write at A-kon more than expected, I wish I had stuck with keeping my right index finger claw big enough to house a small pen. Maybe I will make another one someday.

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