Son of Nor

Son of Nor
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In the harsh desert world of Noshrac where extinction threatens all of humanity, a young man born with telekinetic powers and carrying a knack for controlling the elements of nature is tasked with defending what’s left of his race. This is Son of Nor.


Austrian developer stillalive Studios is more than super excited to share this single player and co-op fantasy action-adventure title which will be one of the first games that officially supports its upcoming eye-tracking sensor bar! Thanks to Tobii Tech by Steelseries Sentry, players can aim their telekinesis powers at objects and enemies using only their gaze. With this eye-tracking technology, there’s no longer a need for an aiming reticule or manually moving the mouse miles to hover over targets. That’s not all! Read on about the other two devices Son of Nor will support to enhance gameplay.


By employing the use of Emotiv EPOC brain computer interface, players can trigger in-game abilities with a mere thought! Yes, this really does exist. In reality, people unable to move their arms and legs are able to use computers or navigate the streets sitting in their wheelchair with their thoughts. Why not apply this creativity to games as well? Train the device with thinking patterns and then cast spells and lift rocks only with the power of the mind.

Lastly, as the main character players can fully immerse themselves in the glorious world of Noshrac with none other than the Oculus Rift VR headset in full stereoscopic 3D! Through the marvels of VR, see the alien landscape with a 360° view no matter where the head turns. Expect to solve puzzles, explore abandoned temples, terraform the desert and engage in fierce battles alone or with friends.


Truly, what more can a gamer ask for? Holodecks? Well, they’ve yet to come.

Until then, take advantage of the opportune time given to enjoy Son of Nor.

The game launches 3/31/15 for PC, Mac and Linux:

For more information about Son of Nor, please visit the official site and the Steam game page. Follow the game on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to the official YouTube account


Telekinesis: Tear rocks out of canyon walls and hurl them at opponents, or use your telekinetic abilities to solve rewarding puzzles. Move and throw objects to prepare traps and use the environment to your advantage!

Terraforming: Raise and lower sand to bury enemies, excavate secret passages, block entrances, create barricades or reach elevated places to gain a tactical advantage. Or go haywire and bury entire buildings!

Elemental Magic: Unlock wind, Fire and Essence magic to enhance your arsenal. Cast spells on their own, or enchant telekinetically controlled objects for extra deadly attacks! Combine multiple magic spells to unlock even more powerful techniques!

Co-op Multiplayer: Son of nor supports four-player online co-op play as well as two-player local splitscreen co-op.

Competitive Multiplayer: Prove who is the most powerful Son of nor in chaotic four-player competitive multiplayer action!

Proving Ground: Test your combat abilities in this playground of destructive delights!

Character Customization: Create your own male or female character and choose from a wide variety of costume pieces and decorative gear.

Become immersed in the world of Son of nor: no GUI or HUD, everything is embedded naturally and intuitively in the world’s environment. Includes a subtle atmospheric sound track composed specifically for Son of nor

Cutting Edge Peripheral Support: Become immersed in the world of Noshrac with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, aim telekinetic objects with your eyes with the Steelseries Sentry eye tracker, or command the game with your mind with the eMotiv EPOC brain computer interface!

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