Soccer Nations: Brazil

Soccer Nations: Brazil
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At Van der Feest Games, two hard-working individuals (Stephan van der Feest and Marie-José Vincent) based in the Netherlands are eager to share their mobile platform project, Soccer Nations: Brazil.

This retro-style hybrid between platformer and soccer (known as football in other countries) has 10 levels, an endless ‘Free Play’ mode and with Gamers already playing around the world plans for long-term upgrades are in the works.

After the World Cup period the title will continue under the primary name Soccer Nations with later additional releases of continuous thematic updates, level packs, improvements in AI, and art-polishing.

Just like in the actual real-life game, the goal for each level is to reach the finish line and get the ball in the net. Or, there’s the option of choosing Free Play to try to beat an infinite number of opponents. Score as many points as possible in order to take out increasingly difficult countries. Then, share your scores online and become the best of all!  


-A platformer game, but with a football!

-Play with the most famous football players from 16 different countries

-Cheerful chiptune variation on the Brazilian national anthem completes the retro-atmosphere

-Available for free on all mobile platforms
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8)

-Play Free Play, the infinite mode, not only on your smartphone or tablet, but also directly in your browser on Facebook: who will score the most goals?

-A game with humor and a nod to Super Mario


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Van der Feest Games also shares an interesting history of how the project came about.


It was during the European Championships of 2012 that we were first inspired. Not so much by the football itself, but by the appearance of Mario Ballotelli and his nickname: Super Mario. We made a parody video of a pixilated Ballotelli who runs through a Nintendo world playing football. That became the basis for the current game, then the idea took shape. After the parody movie, we decided to make a real game. Not only with Super Mario Ballotelli, but all kinds of heroes, from many countries with players able to choose their own favorites.

While in the beginning we just wanted to make an entertaining game, during the run-up to the World Cup we became more and more aware of the living conditions in the country. Brazil is a beautiful tropical country, but life is not nearly easy everywhere, which can also be seen in the game. When starting, the player isn’t a rich superstar in the company of wealthy friends. He/she must take on a world full of risks and obstacles by playing football, from dangerous encounters in nature to heaps of garbage. There’s hope though, if players manage to survive by making it all the way to the stadium through dirt and industrial mazes, because eventually they can win and becoming champions!  

Since we aim to “appeal” towards a large audience we’ll release the game on as many platforms as we can (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8), in as many languages as we can (fourteen in the first release). Best of all, it’s free to play. It’s even possible (but not necessary) to ‘buy off’ the ads by making a donation. Should the game generate some revenue, we’d like to advance this concept further: more levels, animations, polish, chiptunes for all the national anthems, more countries, more players. Perhaps in the future, other sports, along with some new projects on the shelves, that we’d like to get working on.



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