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Publisher and Developer Daedalic Entertainment continues to dazzle yet again (and again and again) with a slew of creative titles waiting to be shown to the gaming community.

Today we’ll start with the survival rogue-like game Skyhill by developer Mandragora Studio in Russia; as the protagonist, an entrepreneur named Perry Jason, the player visits a luxury hotel as a resident, however after three months something catastrophic brings a series of menacing encounters and hazards. Supplies start running low, the elevators don’t work, spooks lurk in the shadows around corners, and mutants who were once civilized people suddenly want to rip any flesh they can access. Is it a virus? An invasion? World War III? Are there survivors? With all this happening just one goal becomes apparent: getting out alive!

Skyhill 5

All of the game’s action takes place in 100 floors of this single hotel (with no room service!). Players have the option of choosing between four difficulty levels and must stand their ground against eight types of mutants. The only way to still live despite coping with a weak immune system is to find supplies like medicine and food (sometimes must be cooked), upgrade the base area for safety and recipes, and fend off the creatures by crafting weapons — all the while solving intricate puzzles in a deep questing system with randomly generated levels to help find a way to escape the deadly surroundings.

Key Features:

-Roguelike RPG gameplay in an apocalyptic-zombie setting

-Randomly generated map for each new session

-Level up, craft weapons and search for useful things and food to survive

-Face an army of bizarre creatures and enemies on your way down

-Turn-based risk vs. reward combat system

-Hit them in the head or body – your choice

-Fix the elevator for speed traveling

-Upgrade your bed (honestly)

Skyhill 1 Skyhill 2

Skyhill will spook its way for an official release Oct. 6, 2015, for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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