Silence: The Whispered Word II and Randal’s Monday

Silence: The Whispered Word II and Randal’s Monday
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German developer Daedalic Entertainment took generous time out of its GDC schedule to discuss two very different titles set for release in late 2014. 

Back in 2009, Daedalic released one of its first point-and-click adventure game titles: The Whispered World. In the story, Sadwick, a sad 12-year-old clown traveling with a circus, starts having recurring nightmares about a fantasy realm made up of dreams called Silentia, falling apart quite soon all because of him. Not wanting to bear the responsibility of such a catastrophe, he goes on a strange journey in search of a way to prevent it from happening

A few years later, Daedalic Entertainment appears at GDC 2014 showing footage of a stunning up-to-date sequel to the beloved classic, Silence: The Whispered World II. PR Director Claas Wolter shared details of new visuals, features, even familiar characters that fans of the first installment can look forward to seeing.


Time wise, there’s a huge gap between both games. The hero is still Sadwick; however, he’s now a teenage boy going by the name of Noah who’s charged with looking after his little sister Renie in the real world where war is breaking out. The sudden appearance of an air raid causes them to seek shelter in a bunker. Not too long after, the two of them get separated, and Noah somehow find himself back in the visual world of Silence where another kind of war wreaks havoc on the land. While searching for his sister, he assumes the guise of Sadwick once again and joins forces with rebels fighting against a false queen.


The gameplay has changed for certain so that players can solve puzzle in a more intuitive way that’ll help carry the story forward, new game mechanics, and easy-to-learn one-click controls. For example, the cursor shape shifts to help a bit while exploring items to look at or pick up, but won’t necessarily point at the correct item needed for the scene. Not only that, both Noah and his sister Renie will be playable characters, and sadly though there’s the option of dying, the players can just return to the point where they last made a decision in the game. Another benefit is the return of the sidekick, shape-shifting caterpillar, Spot, who can shift into many forms – thus allowing many additional solutions to puzzles.


There’s no need to have played The Whispered World, since the sequel supplies recaps of what happened in the first game. Expect around 15 hours of gameplay on only PC and Mac with a release scheduled for late 2014.

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The second title to share is Randal’s Monday, a game completely different from Silence: The Whispered World II, and developed by a Spanish team called Nexus Game Studios but published by Daedalic Entertainment. The creative team are huge fans of Geek culture from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s and especially films like Groundhog Day, Clerks and other Kevin Smith movies. So one day the got together and decided to create a game based on these interests and passions, and thus Randal’s Monday was born.


In the story the main character, Randal, has to live through the same day over and over. He’s part sociopath and part kleptomaniac, and a terrible best friend to Matt and to Matt’s fiancé Sally. On the day of the wedding shower, the group sits around at a bar getting drunk, when suddenly Matt loses his wallet, which Randal eventually finds yet has no desire to return. The next morning, Randal wakes up, still in possession of the wallet, and after looking inside it he finds money and Matt’s engagement ring to Sally. This is the true start of what is to be chain of unfortunate circumstances such as Randal needing to pay money for rent, getting fired from his job, and struggling to find enough cash.

Desperate, he takes some childhood treasures to a pawn shop; sadly, it turns out the owner has only one thing he wants, Matt’s engagement ring!

After the exchange, a string of more horrible events follow. At the end of the day Randal sleeps his troubles away only to wake up to realize it’s Monday again, but this time Randal still has the items he collected from the other day. Eventually he finds himself in disastrous situations such as dealing with paranormal occurrences, testing his sanity and confronting angry cops and everyday wrongdoers, some talking skeletons, being sent to jail and end up destroying the human race. How much worse can Randal’s Monday get?


Randal’s Monday is not about the exact concept of finding a perfect game to play through for a day or two. It’s about chasing down the engagement ring in hopes that it’ll stop the grim chain of events from happening, as well as becoming a better friend to Matt.

Look for a release this coming Fall in 2014 on Steam for PC and Mac.

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