Sigils: Battle for Raios

Sigils: Battle for Raios
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Gameforge, a globally recognized provider of online games, and Austria’s leading game developer, Sproing, joined forces to create a new exciting project. During GDC two representatives from Gameforge met with C + 2 to show off this latest game, Sigils: Battle of Raios. Some gamers prefer consoles, others prefer PCs, but everyone knows that mobile games are taking off fast, and with this rise of multiplayer online battle arenas, or MOBA, Sigils: Battle of Raios arrived just in time.

This synchronize free-to-play game provides a blend of RPG genres, real-time battles, a spellbinding story, a detailed fantasy world, and intricate characters accompanied by eccentric visuals for iOS tablets. Players choose from 20 champions then engage in rivalry combat against insect enemies. While there’s encouragement for the player to team up with friends, there’s heavy emphasis on solo cooperative PvE (Player versus environment).


Play as often as you want, whenever you want, all for free; if you don’t have copious amounts of time and you want to play more champions, buy more gear, or level up faster, then you can spend a little money to achieve those things. So, it allows people who have less time to still keep in pace with the gaming population.

As a role-playing game there’s a fantasy setting, eliminating bosses, tanks, supporters, damage dealers, leveling-up, gear, and traditional RPG troops. Where the MOBA effect appears is during moment to moment combat enters. The champions each have four activated abilities that are distinctive and feel more like a MOBA style which is where the server of MOBA influence comes from and a focus for the tablet.


It’s about bringing team fighting to the forefront. Anyone with knowledge of League of Legends or World of Warcraft have to put in hours and hours and hours of grinding and learning before getting the first team fight, actually be effective, and learn how they go. Players are going to be team fighting within minutes in Sigils: Battle for Raios, and team fighting all the time.

The Champions of Raios face an epic battle to ensure the survival of their world: Moth queen Xestia has shattered Raios and is spreading fear and terror among its inhabitants. Strategic skills and cooperative teamwork are the key attributes players will need to lead their Champions against Xestia and her brood.


The champions are animal-based with individual art styles. Three reasons follow this.

1.The concept team came up with appealing ideas believing that the champions would also make great collectibles.

2. Another reason to go with animals is because of how readable they are; an elephant might carry a tank on its back, while a Siamese cat is an agile range caster.

3. There’s a feeling that animals work all over the world and are familiar to most human inhabitants which helps give the game a broader reach to audiences.

So to summarize what’s available in features thus far: A big, epic story, real-time combat, co-op, low pressure tutorials, RPG elements, PvE battles, a social hub for players to log in and group up, talk to people, send private messages, have solo play, and lead the uprising!

At launch, there will be 20 different combatants available for selection. Further Champions will be integrated into the game in updates.

Be forewarned, once you start, it’s hard to stop!

Regarding a release, plans are as follows: submit the project to Apple, wait a few weeks, do a technical launch similar to a Beta period, get service up and running, and get together a community of people to interact with the game. After another 4-8 weeks, the game will be launched worldwide, around this summer. 

The features of Sigils: Battle for Raios at a glance:

Innovative game principle, combining MOBA and RPG elements

Optimized for iOS tablets

Immersive PvP and PvE battles in real time

20 Champions with impressive abilities

Persistent Champion leveling

Multifaceted equipment items

Atmospherically designed fantasy world with epic Champions

Accessible Team Fighting

User-friendly matchmaking system

Expansive statistics and leader boards

Free download and no subscription fees



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