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Let’s face it, there’s practically an app for most if not all interests in existence. Even if a specific hobby or game isn’t listed yet, for certainty someone is working on bringing it to the market. Anyone and everyone who’s a fan of technology or games has a particular preference. Then there are those with more consideration to trying out something different. With a brand new year still on the horizon, new apps are already on the way.

Yet at the same time, guess what New Year’s Resolution most citizens cling to? Yup, weight loss. And hey, one of the greatest ways to help with weight loss is exercise, like bicycling. So what does bicycling have to do with game apps?

That’s where Santiago Casado, CEO and Co-Founder of RiderState comes in.

RiderState is a new mobile game for bike lovers. This new application for Android and iOS, offers players a geo-location bicycle adventure to conquer every city in the World.

How does it work? As soon as the rider cycles, his itinerary will automatically be tracked to start the conquest. He will have to play against other riders by getting over challenges and missions. But it will not be easy: “The Corporation” will put up resistance. 

Playing RiderState is easy, just follow the next steps:

Enjoy your ride, RiderState tracks your
activity in real time

Once you finishes, the app shows the conquered lands
of your track together with the activity stats

Beat your friends or neighbors, and play to become
the Governor of your street, district or city

Riderstate has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform, that will allow them to complete the development of the game during the next months. (Campaign finishes Feb. 7) so please hurry!!

To better understand the game, take a look at these videos:

And find out how you can help make RiderState a reality for bike lovers!
– Indiegogo Campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/riderstate-the-social-game-for-bike-users


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