Relics of the Gods

Relics of the Gods
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There’s a growing number of MOBA titles emerging in the mobile gaming scene, and one surely to attract gamers is the fantasy turn-based strategy game Relics of Gods. Players can choose from more than 30 heroes across 15 races and nearly 100 chapters (at launch, with more coming post-launch) and participate in epic PvP or PvE showdowns against diverse groups of enemies. Each have their own exceptional set of powers, fighting skills and individual storylines that guarantee dozens of team combinations in gameplay. As always, communication remains just as vital as cooperation in order to achieving the greatest victory possible. (NOTE: There is a built-in voice communication system to aid this) But never forget the overall goal is to have fun.


Chinese developer Seasun Games spent more than three years sparing no expense in making this competitive title as stunning as possible with chief design work by Qiang Wang, all music, sound and VO produced by Mark Griskey (Marvel Heroes, Star Wars: Old Republic) and artwork directed by James Zhang (World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans) and his team at Concept Art House.

Relic of Gods is a good vs. evil war between the Gods of Creation and the supporters who worship them on Nabebor, a continent rich with lore and ready for exploration. After the great conflict the body of one of the gods breaks into pieces forming Soulstones (aka the ‘relics of gods’) which are then attained by the followers, giving them the power of the gods. As chaos breaks all over the world, the primary goal for the heroes is to set everything back to the way it was and thus restore the life of their god. On the other hand, the villains choose to keep the forces they’ve acquired for themselves in an attempt to become the next god.

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In the beginning of this free-to-play game, everyone is created equal in a fair but highly competitive environment. Heroes start with a certain skill and two Soulstones and must fight in order to build more experience for their lifelines and future competitions rather than worry over how many levels to finish. There’s no need to think about collecting inventory or using real money to purchase extra goods. At the end of each battle the hero earns a gold coin. When enough coins have been saved up the player can spend them on adding an extra hero to their roster. Victories must be earned, not paid for.

After it’s fully launched, every month or month and a half Seasun Games will introduce packages with new heroes, storylines, and chapters in the ever growing Relics of Gods universe. Currently the game is set for mobile platforms only; however, for the future Seasun Games has hinted at a possibility of taking this elegantly crafted title to PC and has a very high interest in one day bringing the game into the eSports arena.


Still in development, a soft launch for the title is planned for late Summer. The full release scheduled for the end of 2015 will include 50 heroes and nearly 100 chapters.





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