Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong

Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong
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VR titles are on the rise and Daedalic Entertainment is now venturing into this marvelous, new territory. Just recently they worked with a team of creative developers from CrazyBunch to publish their very first VR title Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong on the Samsung Gear VR.

The Chinese evergreen is part of the Relaxing VR Games series which will contain even more game classics in the future. With this series, Daedalic Entertainment and CrazyBunch want to perfect their knowledge about VR games and offer a pleasant experience for the players.


Mahjong brings the classic into a new dimension. Now you can use your Samsung Gear VR to arrange the stones in a photorealistic 360° environment. By pointing with your finger, you can interact with the game field via touch feature of the Samsung Gear VR.


-High replay value

-One of the most popular game classics, finally optimized for VR

-Over 160 different templates on photorealistic 360° backgrounds

-Easy gameplay due to intuitive one-touch-operation

-Relaxing game atmosphere

mahjong_12 mahjong_3 mahjong_10

Mahjong will be released for Samsung Gear VR as well as for Oculus Rift and Google Daydream shortly after.

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