QuakeCon Girls

QuakeCon Girls
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QuakeCon Girls

In addition to finding the QuakeCon girls for this year here, we are adding photos and videos from ALL the previous QuakeCons of the QC girls. Have a fun link? Share it below or send it to Yvonna@CharismaPlus2.com :)

Stayed tuned here for QCgirl news and photos from a variety of photographer, attendees, and the QC girls themselves for behind the scenes snapshots.

Kick off the QConvention right with some Poker at the QuakeCon IGDA Charity Poker Tournament benefiting Child’s Play and hosted by our lovely Dallas Charisma+2 Girlies!

Our QuakeCon Girl Alternate & QuakeCon Press Girl: we have a case of the Marys! Come on out- it is contagious in a good way


QuakeCon girls 2012

You may remember Shayla from last year. We introduced the big Call of Duty shooter to the world of Quake. Not only did she love playing Quakelive, she loved the entire community. Welcome back Shayla!

No stranger to anyone who is a QuakeCon regular, We are super excited to announce that Stephanie will be on the QC stage again!

Since 2010 when she was first a QC girl, Amanda has kept up with the QuakeCon community and her QuakeLive skills.


BIG NEWS! This year, there will be a Lead QC girl. Back for her SIXTH year… ASHLEY!





Taken at the Vendor area, Two of these three lovely Hi-Rez Tribes girls . Cory and Kayla, on the outsides now have jobs in the industry. The girlie in the middle, Emily can be seen donning a sassy poker costume on Thursday night at the Wedgwood Room of the Anatole for The Annual IGDA Poker Tournament benefiting Child’s Play


It is July 26, 12 today. Looking for past QC girl pics, I ran across this one with Lauren and T3k. With Lauren marrying Cliff Bleszinski next week, I just had to post a memory. This was just before the girls played Todd Hollenshead and Marty Stratton in QuakeLive. The game devs won, but these two put up a good fight that impressed and shocked the devs.


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