QC volunteer Jim

QC volunteer Jim
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QuakeCon Jim

QuakeCon has been an annual tradition for LAN lovers since 1996. Of course times change and grow in gaming, events, and the world so let us take a quick look back and bring us up to this week. If you want to see the very beginnings of QuakeCon, check out the launch video that is image linked below later. With QuakeCon starting THIS THURSDAY, I wanted to highlight one of the other old school volunteers who contributed to making some fundamental traditions now becoming history as we pave way for The New Order (Wolfenstein reference intentional) that began in 2012.

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Let us fast forward a bit and look at QC from your POV.

C+2: When was your first QuakeCon and what were your initial impressions and has what you valued most changed?

quakecon_lineJim: My first QuakeCon was in 2004. I have experienced it in just about every way Ive thought possible,
admittedly I do keep finding new ways. Back in 04/05, I didnt know a whole lot of people and was a bit too young … But never one to meet a stranger, it was always fun to find groups of people do things with, sometimes I would find people I knew or at least knew of through gaming, or sometimes random people, you know just walking around or on a chat platform that used to be prevalent… Anyway, hanging out, making late night food runs, talking about random things you only seem to talk about once a year… scaled

At QC. Not a whole lot has changed there, it remains my favorite aspect of QC, despite all of the changes, evolutions, and all of the less speakable fun times (and, man, have we had some great times that will just be left unpublished publicly) over the years. Seeing my QuakeCon friends definitely was and is the best part of the event.


C+2: I’m pretty sure I know the top answer, but maybe you have more to add to this question. What are your fav QuakeCon moments?

Jim: Shirtless quake has been a staple and is hard to beat, especially with the likes of Todd and a few other people who have left a lasting impact on the gaming world.

wendigo_byoc_04_panoramaOther then that, I guess to keep things in throw back mode, that has transitioned into the camaraderie of today.
I find myself part of an amazing group of people who have a love and dedication for this event and the IPs that helped forge it, that is unrivaled. I owe them, who in various aspects feel the same as I do about the evolution of an event that has changed so much in its public facing image over the years, for helping me find what truly matters, the spirit of QuakeCon, the cameraderie and  fellowship of having mostly unforgettable times doing things we rarely ever do outside of

qc-day-1-0581 kid

I have always enjoyed bits of John’s keynote, too, ill miss that more so this year, just because its something that has always been part of the event… so to say hearing about the latest and greatest from the man who is largely responsible for what has been a huge part of my life and  well, it deserves a solid mention.

C+ 2: What have been some of your favorite QC moments with the QC girls?


1 kiss1 jimJim: My inner rebel would like to let everyone know that the “Gatorade” is a lie and coming back to my PC to find cute hand written notes requesting hydration assistance has always made me laugh. Other than that guerrilla shooting with the girls at the various venues over the years is always a blast, who would have thought you could pull off shooting three QuakeCon girls in bikinis right in the middle of QuakeCon without so much as gathering a small crowd. Enjoying an all expense paid week at the Ritz also makes the list and made staying and shooting offsite, a treat.


C+2: The girls have always told me that you have been able to make them as gamer girls feel much more relaxed to be models even when it was their first shoot. You have always been able to make us some pretty images, like when you shot me as Crash and L337Lauren as a WoW succubus for the Calendar. So thanks for helping so many of my girls launch into modeling.
jim cal girls
Jim: Of course! It has always been a tough job, but I could tolerate that kind of rough assignment.

C+2: Clearly id Software made an impact on you. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
Quake2boxJim: Doom and later Quake was the first major game I enjoyed on PC,  Quake
II, was the first online multiplayer game back in the dial-up and early
LAN days, followed by Q3A as a LAN staple, Quakecon always ensured
that my local LAN boosted ego got checked for a year…  As a result
of the early days of Quake community and LAN culture, I found my
calling in the technology world and eventually one night to a small IT
consulting firm run LAN center here in Texas for an event which lead
to the unexpected kick off of my professional work career in IT.

29744-DSC00669C+2: I believe we met when I was onstage as QuakeCon girl, right?
Jim: Yes it was. I suppose all of this talk about the beginnings of my QuakeCon experiences could be considered an preface to how we met though. It was in the earlier days at that firm, while I was still in college, that I had the unguided task of picking up a camera and making
some marketing stuff happen. Whereas that didnt go far ( I actually hate selling things), the whole camera and I thing did take off, as you know, and quickly made its way into my quakecon experience. That is pretty much when we really started hooking up and doing work together and my relationship with the QuakeCon girls started.

C+2: Yup! Since you have been with the Charisma+2 QuakeCon girl experience pretty much since the beginning. Tell us a bit more about that relationship and Imagery by Jim.

1 jimJim: It has been an experience of its own. I have seen
pretty girls turn into pretty models and I have seen every level of gamer blossom into pretty girls, who could not only model, talk to anyone, and game, but use that to further their career in various areas of the gaming, technology, and talent industries. Seeing the guys and girls of Charisma+2 and QuakeCon in general come and go as their lives evolve has to also be a highlight every year.

I think that QuakeCon girls as a whole evolved nicely over the last few years, from having a mixture of your standard promo models and gamers from your days on stage, to girls who for the most part, had the whole
package and those that didn’t have that full package, appealed to everyone in one way or another.

1 jessAs someone who has seen the gaming industry from just about every angle, as a casual player, gaming center manager, LAN party promoter, collegiate game developer, competitive player, and various other brushings, to work in the talent industry as the man behind the camera, and well, just being a dude, your QuakeCon girls, some of which I had the pleasure of putting in front of you for the job, have certainly played a role in my QuakeCon experience over the years. Finding something that touches two areas of my life that I have a
passion for as well as professional investment is something hard to pass up getting involved with and I thank you for the opportunity to do so.

C+2: Well you know all too well that we treasure you. From being a part time photographer, bouncer, body guard, people guard (from the girls being cray), scout, and above all friend, you must know that we are going to be throwing some back at the Gossip bar and various locales around QuakeCon this week. Speaking of which, What are you looking forward to this year? It is only a few days away!!!


Jim:  This year is snuck up on me for sure, but I am looking forward what has come of the new DOOM, seeing everyone that is still making the pilgrimage, and maybe drinking a little too much with the same.

C+2: Gotta agree 100%. Seeing old friends, hanging out instead of working with all the QCgirls (and unofficial QCgirls!), and DOOM 4 ! Definitely see ya there, Jim. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

Jim: Thank you and yes, see you there!


Let’s meet up! This is my Facebook & Twitter & Instagram See ya soon!
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