Protect those precious game posters!

Protect those precious game posters!
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images-2You have been there! You took your sweet time picking out the PERFECT poster and want to ship it in the mail to someone. You carefully roll it up, slide it into the mailing tube and the post office assures you everything will be ok only to end up with a crumpled mailing tube and sufficiently crinkled poster inside.

Recently one of our awesome clients Wolves Gaming in Germany mailed us the fabulous poster of Jordan only to discover that despite what seemed like incredibly meticulous and thorough mailing preparations, the posters and the tube containing them were bashed in. It looked as if the post offices had been using the mailer tubes as baseball bats and someone struck a home run!


So let me tell you how to mail posters in the absolutely, it must be sent in the safest manner. Sadly there are no guarantees that your poster will arrive completely unfettered of incident, but this has worked very well for me in the past.

If cost is not issue at all, use 3″-4″ PVC pipe cut to size and rig some end pieces to fit. It’d be heavy as heck and thus pricey to mail but please note- the lightweight ones will NOT work fine- they will shatter! ALSO DO NOT USE PVC pipe if you are in or shipping to an areas that freezes! The PVC pipe will be BRITTLE IN THE FREEZING WEATHER!

So let’s assume you are not planning on spending more than it cost for your whole vacation to mail your best friend his favorite poster.


1) DOUBLE TUBING: ONE TRIANGULAR OR SQUARE and the inner tube The traditional circular tube. (below is obviously a received one- pardon the torn up end.


2) When rolling your poster, make it approximately 1 & 1/2″ in diameter THEN wrap it in another sheet of paper. I often use wrapping paper since it is usually wide enough and if it is for a birthday or holiday it is a special little extra. Then tape the wrapping paper to itself so you do not harm the poster. I will often use plain brown wrapping paper (so that no images rub off somehow onto my poster) placed on the top 1/8th or so of the poster as it rolls up so that the entire roll stays tight. I don’t want the inner prized gem poster to slip out from under the outer wrapping. We will call this wrapped up poster “the rolled poster”.



tapetube2b) POSTER NEEDS TO BE ROLLED SMALLER THAN TUBE. Make sure that the rolled poster is not flexed to the inner walls of the tubing. Sometimes people roll a poster tight, then let it unravel to fill the diameter of the tube… not a good idea! If the tube gets bumped, the poster takes a direct hit :(

3) CONSIDER BUBBLE WRAPPING THE INNER POSTER.Though no one else does this, I wrap my entire rolled poster in the small bubble, bubble wrap and then put it in the poster tube still leaving some space between the inner walls of the tube and the bubble wrapped, rolled poster.

rolled small4)PUT INNER TUBE INSIDE TRIANGULAR OR SQUARE TUBE. Now, put the tube into the triangular or square tubes found at the post office or office supply stores.

5) SEAL END CAPS SECURELY! I once had a poster slide out after all that prep work because the end cap seemed to fit snug as a bug in a rug but was not. Somehow during the mailing across the country, even taped, the end cap came off because it was not taped super securely.  I tape from one side of the tube, say 6:00 on the tube,  across the end cap down the other side at noon position, then do the same thing with another big piece from the 3:00 to 9:00 position so it makes like an X on the top of the end cap with the tape. Then I take another piece of tape and go around the outside, all along the tube’s side to further secure the cross thatched tape pieces.


There ya have it… now, just pray :)

Thanks for reading & Best to ya!

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