Port City Pop Con with Michaeline “Mikki” Stith

Port City Pop Con with Michaeline “Mikki” Stith
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This past weekend I attended Port City Pop Con. The convention was billed as “the Largest Comic, Gaming, Cosplay & Pop Culture convention to hit Southeast North Carolina”, and it hit the Wilmington Convention Center May 10th and 11th in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Power Girl

I attended the convention with my friends from the Carolina Ghostbusters (https://www.facebook.com/carolinaghostbusters) and Symbiote (www.facebook.com/symbiotephoto) On Friday, I wore my Power Girl costume. It is one of my classic and modest favorites from my collection, and though I haven’t worn it in recently, my love for this cosplay was renewed on Friday at PCPC. Shortly after I arrived, I was interviewed for the local newspaper, Star-News.

“I really think this has great potential,” said Michaeline “Mikki” Stith, who was costumed as Power Girl from the DC Comics universe. “It’s rough that a lot of the students have already left town, but I think we’ll have a big turnout Saturday. This is a great thing for the future, not just of the Nerd community but of the whole artistic community in Wilmington.”
Star-News Article by Ben Steelman 05/10/2013

I was proud to be able to speak for the nerd community. Admittedly, Friday was slow at the convention, but this was to be expected especially with graduations happening for many students over the weekend. The Carolina Ghostbusters were featured in a promotional video for the event by FOX Wilmington alongside Ernie Hudson. Friday I spent most of my time wandering through the dealer room. I saw many friendly faces like Wilmingtonian make-up artists William H Stine and Jamie Warzel. Both are very talented and provided horror themed make-up to attendees throughout the con. The local gaming store Game Giant helped people find vintage video games while Country Lines Clothing promoted the NC nerd scene with themed t-shirts. I also introduced myself to a few guests including Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters and Renae Jacobs from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I then hung out with some of my local cosplay friends and we all participated in mini photoshoots with Symbiote. It was tons of fun, and I was happy to be able to get a shoot in with him. Shortly after this, I visited with Animaze Guy, Jayce Williams, outside of the convention center. While outside, I saw local casting director Marty Sui who was at the convention with the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival short, “HEART OF THE COUNTRY” She asked me some questions about cosplaying, and I was happy to introduce someone to the world of cosplaying.

Ghostbuster Trainee

That night ended early for me, since I knew I had to be up even earlier the next day for the Saturday convention activities. Saturday was much more busy at the convention. I wore a jumpsuit from my friends at Carolina Ghostbusters and was inducted as a “trainee” by the end of the day. I did an early photoshoot with Symbiote in the Ghostbuster jumpsuit. I then met well-known cosplayer Jessica Nigri and Destiny Nickelsen. They were both super sweet and really awesome ladies. The rest of my day was spent helping the Carolina Ghostbusters with their new podcast, Sci-Fried Eggs. I also watched the question and answer sessions with the guests from The Walking Dead and from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also rooted friends on during the costume contest. After the conventi0n finished on Saturday, everybody headed to The Calico Room in downtown Wilmington, NC for the after party. Musical performances were provided by both Guiney and Grimes as well as D&D Sluggers.

All in all, I had a fantastic personal experience and believe there is tons of potential for this convention.

Watch this fun video from the Port City Pop Con after party featuring D&D Sluggers and Carolina Ghostbusters. Filmed by my friend, Brian Brown of Symbiote

All images and video are courtesy of Symbiote (www.facebook.com/symbiotephoto) Used with permission

–Michaeline “Mikki” Stith
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Photo by Symbiote About the Author Michaeline “Mikki” Stith is a convention specialist who enjoys all forms of nerdom. Well-versed in sci-fi, comics, anime, video games and more, she is currently a student pursuing degrees in theatre and marketing.


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