Hi Everyone!

So…I’ve never blogged before, this should be interesting. I guess what I should do is introduce myself. 

My name is Patricia :) The first game I ever played was duck hunt on the original Nintendo, I was just a little tyke then. I never really got into gaming until one day…the greatest Christmas present arrived!!!  It was a N64 that came with Zelda and Mario cart! I was hooked, I played zelda until I memorized every temple and every song. Let’s just say I wanted more! So I secretly gamed and never thought to tell anyone, I wanted to try everything. One day I broke out of my shell, and became a gamer ;)

Soon enough I figured out what styles fit me most. I loved the mouse and keyboard for PC, along with the graphics, the experience was more thrilling. 

RPG’s are always what I lean towards but, I like to give everything a try! First person shooters although are extremely fun…I’m just not as good at them, but I’ll always play for fun! 

In short I like to have fun and try new things in the gaming world, here are some of my fav’s

  • Zelda: Ocorina of time
  • FF7 and FF8
  • World of Warcraft
  • League of Legends
  • Diablo
  • Warcraft
  • Halo


The List goes on….

If you’d like to play a game you can always follow me on twitter @Peatrei 

Hope you Liked my little Intro :)

Stay tuned to hear about what new games I’m excited about!

Take care!