Pay what ya WANT?! Tom Clancy Humble Bundle from OSD!

Pay what ya WANT?! Tom Clancy Humble Bundle from OSD!
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Look at what we just got in our email! A letter from Cmdr Banton at Operation Supply Drop! Check this out :)


Get games, support veterans.  Could it be any easier?

In case you missed it, OSD has been granted a huge opportunity by being chosen as a partner for the Humble Tom Clancy Bundle! What’s amazing is that you can name your own price and a portion of, or all of, your purchase price will be donated to OSD via Humble Bundle and the PayPal Giving Fund.

There are up to 11 titles, including those from the Ghost Recon,Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell series, as well as a limited edition tee shirt and discount for a future Ubisoft purchase from the Humble Bundle store. 

Further, all purchases are guaranteed access to the Rainbow Six Siege Beta launching later this month!

Even if this isn’t for you, there’s a simple selection during checkout to buy this bundle as a gift for a friend, family member, or even a veteran you may know.


Thank you to Humble Bundle, Ubisoft and our community for making this happen!

Glenn “Commander” Banton

CEO (@CommanderBanton)


Go ahead!!! Show a soldier some love and play some games as a perk!

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