PAX East ’14

PAX East ’14
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All photos by JD Donovan
The difference between cosplay conventions and gaming conventions is that in game cons, the stars are the games and tech, in cosplay cons everyone is the star. The PAX cons combine both worlds like no other. So successful is the franchise, they announced this year they will be having a PAX South which is great news for all of the eager fans south of the Mason Dixon line (if you’re a northerner, you may not use that as a point of reference, sometimes the undying south still will.)


OSD pax teamUpon entering PAX East, the fantastic charity Operation Supply Drop was grabbing attention in an unusual way for many gamers. The charity that sends video game care packages to the troops deployed overseas in high threat areas had the founder, Capt. Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, as a drill sergeant barking out push-up counts to those attempting to win swag for their efforts. OSD had the Charisma+2 girls dressed in snappy WWII officer uniforms answering questions about the charity,taking contact info, and names from attendees. Here is Stephen Machuga with the OSD girls pictured right.

5qAIk9-E0dlDKJ9N3IdbwRw2JE4CJo39VXQhI7llHRoThe mixed visions of excitement, foam sculpted costumes, and anticipation filled faces waft through the halls as thousands invade Boston. The grand hall is a site to behold as the AAA studios show their wares and hawk eager attendees to come out and play their games.

Our friends at Origin PC provided sponsorship and PCs for the amazing Infinite Crisis booth. We wanted to feature this video for a few reasons aside highlighting their amazing PCs. Firstly, not many people get to see a convention BEFORE it is all filled with booths, secondly, there is a nice overview of the pro and amateur tourneys, and thirdly, a glimpse into the cosplay contest. There are also some nice quick con walkway run through segments and crowd shots.

A few of the top booths to hit this year were found at the 2K booth with Evolve, a new 4v1 game, stealing the attention of the fans and media like none other. Better than describing the action, you can see a trailer here or watch the reactions from the attendees below.

But let’s hit one of our other favorite areas!
Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.32.09 AM The top winners this year were Crowboy and Wolfman from Wither Studios, Duet by Kumobius games, worldwide winner of numerous awards Framed, The Spookening by Modesty in Sweden, and by Spinrgloadedsoftware the 8 bit fun of Tiny Dice Dungeon. We also have a favorite in Hidden Path‘s Defense Grid 2, You remember those guys from when we wrote on their big hit at GDC Windborne.

And of course, the fabulous cosplays! Here is a peek at a few that piqued our interets:


It would not be PAX without outstanding Panels, Table Top areas, and Parties. We suggest if you want to get in on the first PAX south, you make reservations and plan as soon as you can because PAX always sells out in a snap!
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