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  • My Life is Anything But Normal By Cynthia

    I don’t watch TV. It’s not that I hate television or have some convoluted belief that it’s evil, but I never find time to sit in front of the TV.  I also don’t care for award’s shows either, but as I mentioned in … Continue reading

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous!

    This past week I did a Zombie Photo-shoot. The photo shoot was last minute and I did not have the means to go out to my local costume shop and by a gore makeup kit. This was a challenge that I … Continue reading

  • An Awesome Introduction is in Order!

    Hi e-boos!  This is my first official CharismaPlus2 blog! I thought I might start off by introducing myself. My name is Ally and I am Awesome. I am 19 years young. I was born in San Jose, California and now … Continue reading

  • Color Me: Hectic

    Day Two Let me just say that the biological clock that humans have can be a saving grace sometimes! In the midst of great exhaustion an alarm wasn’t set but my friend Patrick managed to wake just in time to … Continue reading

  • Color Me: Random

    Day One Let me just say… I despise L.A. traffic. Their bumper to bumper, threading between each other, blinkers are useless attitudes…scare the crap out of me. As well as though motorcyclist that ride between cars….are you insane?! Maybe, I’m just a … Continue reading

  • The Awesomeness that is E3: Day One

    The Awesomeness that is E3: Day One

    Today is day two of the 2011 Electronics Entertainment Expo and things have finally slowed enough to allow me to blog a bit about my experience so far. I cannot begin to express how amazing it feels to be a … Continue reading

  • Color Me: Eager

    Color Me: Eager

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures yet, as I seem to have forgotten that I had a camera. Oops. Oh well, it would have been pointless shots of L.A. anyways. No fun, right? Anyways, the flight from Idaho to California … Continue reading

  • Sarah’s First Blog :)

    I’m trying out my blog. I’m so excited for E3! I can’t wait.

  • Color Me: Stressed

    Aw. Stressed panda. Why, you ask? Well, I’m assuming that you’re asking because you care and yes, I’m assuming that everyone cares about me.  I’m just spoiled that way. Not really, but you get my drift. So, here I am…..four … Continue reading

  • Essentials for E3

    .. or any convention for that matter.   Even though this will officially be my first Electronic Entertainment Expo, I am no novice to tradeshows, conventions and the sort. This is my handy guide to everything you need to bring … Continue reading