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  • Distant Worlds 2011 – Music From Final Fantasy

    Distant Worlds 2011 Recap -Music from Final Fantasy by Gina I have always been a fan of classical music, especially orchestra performances and symphony arrangements – there’s something about the blend of strings and brass that always manage to transport … Continue reading

  • Too Much To Handle

    There are way too many games out or about to be released that I want to play.  I wish I had more time and money to invest. Here is a list of the newest games to pique my interest.   … Continue reading

  • Kinect Sports, School, and Cosplay

    I am a bit thrilled to see that I now have a blog. Without further ado, here’s the rundown of what’s going on in Madeline’s world this autumn. First off, I just tried out Kinect Sports Season 2. Although the … Continue reading

  • Bastion

              In a time where the Calamity has caused destruction on the world ofCaelondia, you play as “The Kid” who fights through an apocalypticmess to get to the last standing stronghold, the Bastion, in order torebuild. … Continue reading

  • All your planet belongs to me!

    Board games…yes, I’m not done telling you about the wonders of board games. They are a nice break from bright and shiny pixels, not to mention a little more accepting of multiple players at once.  Maybe I’m more of a … Continue reading

  • Gaming and Femininity

    “Girls don’t exist on the internet.” At least, that’s what they’d like you to believe. The fact is, most girls I know who enjoy playing video games don’t even want to admit that they are girls while they are playing, … Continue reading

  • Board games are games too!

    Surprise! This blog is going to be completely unrelated to video games but that’s okay, because people who play board games are gamers too! I thought it’d be about time to pay homage to where it all started before games … Continue reading

  • A Gamer by any other name…

    A true gamer’s room. (under assumption) There has been a great deal of individuals who’ve viewed gaming differently for years on end. There should be no surprise that such a bias mind frame would linger to this very day. Even … Continue reading

  • From Past to Present

    I’m sure we have all had so much technology come into our lives only be forgotten about. Thought I would take a stroll down Memory Lane and share with you some of my gadgets from the past and what I … Continue reading

  • Before a big gig

    This is an exhaustive Step By Step preparation for a full day, whether it is a photo shoot, film, or game related gig. I decided it might be a good idea to say what I do to prepare for a … Continue reading