OSD 12 IRL event in Dallas

OSD 12 IRL event in Dallas
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We had a great turn out at the Operation Supply Drop In Real Life Charity on June 30.

You can still be involved even if you missed us this last Saturday! Click Here


We have some of the photos to hold you over until full coverage of the event is up. The photos below were provided in thanks from Images By Jim (James Brown) unless watermarked by our other fabulous event photographer Kirte Kinser.
Stephanie and Ashley have been a part of Charisma+2 for 5 years with absolutely and only positive feedback in all those years. If you ever have the fortune to be at an event where either or both of these young ladies are working, you should consider yourself one lucky person.

Not only are they downright gorgeous, they are the epitome of what we encourage at Charisma+2. They do not rely on looks to skate by in life nor expect things to be handed to them. They are smart, tech savvy gamers always learning, growing, and developing themselves into being their best while having fun along the way.

For our video click C2 OSD 2012 Delicious & Numerous Raffle and Auction Prizes

We don’t even have the big huge stuff like the Orcs Must Die studio autographed poster or the ever so awesome Tank statue from Valve but most everything is in the video.

If you have never been set up an event, you would be shocked at how much goes into the preparation. Fortunately Yvonna has some awesome Vixens (what she calls the models who help out because Minions just doesn’t fit) to help out. Here they are deciding where to set up the Dance Central, the Street Fighter 4, the Swag table, Soldier gift boxes, QuakeLive tourney, and Live Streaming.

Thankfully, the gaming community is incredibly helpful as well. We had some guys helping us with the heavy lifting.



One of the fun parts of the event was the photo opp. Here Korri Kopsi and Kari are with one of the soldiers who drove in from Ft Hood with his Purple Heart.


This is Fade, the raffle winner of the OMD autographed and framed poster:


And of course the Charisma+2 Girls who hosted the event: Click to Enlarge




Our Live Streaming Hostsess found on


Killerr Queen






We will have more Photos and coverage soon… until then We hate to see you go but love to watch you leave!

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