Orange Adventure

Orange Adventure
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Making a game is hard work that requires patience and loads of creativity. Finding an audience to play your game can be an even greater challenge. With so much love and support in the gaming community it’s no wonder why C + 2 enjoys hearing from passionate game developers all across the globe who are looking for a little assistance getting the word out. We all know the journey in making a game can take a very long time, or even feel a little lonely if working with little to no help from others. So it’s always a mighty achievement worth sharing when a product like Orange Adventure is put together by a one person studio such as Indio Games in Tucumán, Argentina.

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Founder and game designer Facundo Sanchis, spent a year and a half creating Orange Adventure, the first of many more games to come from his studio. On August 4th, Steam released the playful title into the gaming community sharing the heroic tale of Orange, an orange juice box set out to rescue his friends who were stolen by the evil Dr. Squeezer’s robots.

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 “Orange Adventure symbolizes the natural versus the artificial, processed foods. In the struggle between nature and machines, making it an excellent game for children, teens and adults because of the increasing degree of difficulty. It’s also a tribute to the SNES & MegaDrive platformers I used to play as a kid such as Cool Spot, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong.” says Facundo Sanchis.


-40 colorful levels

-8 different worlds

-3 different gameplay modes

-More than 10 main enemies

-Microsoft Controller Support

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Join Orange on his mighty quest as he makes his way through the calming green meadows of Orange Land to the dry desert wastelands of the pyramids and more while facing multiple adversaries out to stop him!



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