October 15 marks last day of year to apply to C+2

October 15 marks last day of year to apply to C+2
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Oct 15 marks last day of year to apply to C+2

10665661_423703747761331_841179419588449446_nAllow me to introduce myself. I am Jon, one of 3 bookers at Charisma+2. PK, Suzie, and I rarely communicate publicly because our time is better spent working behind the camera on agency projects. Collectively we are known as Booker since we share our workload and the name fit so perfectly. This is my first post, so please bear with me. I am not a seasoned writer and am not likely to write frequently.

Why do we need more brand ambassadors and talent? We have to stay competitive with mainstream agencies and have numerous clients that need you! The last event we booked, PAX Prime at the beginning of this month, we booked 6 clients, which included 4 booths. Here are just some of our clients >CLIENTS-2014

There are models. There are brand ambassadors. There are gamers. There are talent who work in games in VO, MoCap, and Scans. There exists few organizations that cross over all these lines and fewer still which do only a few of these with absolute professionalism on and off the show floor. Over the last 8 years, Charisma+2 has received the highest praises from their clients with reviews like, “We have worked with several agencies over the years, the gamer models at Charisma+2 are by far the best. We will be using you whenever we have a booth. Thank you for making our event great”. We are getting an updated page of review quotes together even as I write this article.


Not everyone at Charisma+2 will get booked next year, but you will be submitted to all of our clients. Much like any entertainment company, being seen by the right people is valuable in and of itself. Plus the association with the highly esteemed C+2 agency, the business lessons learned, and friendships will carry with you even past your time at the agency, make applying a no brainer. If you feel we might make a great fit for each other, follow the instructions here on the Apply Tab of the Charisma+2 site.

coast_to_coast004fcfmihaIn many cases, guys and girls who are accepted by Charisma+2 gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills to make themselves more marketable in other life goals. Frequently people underestimate their own strengths and attractiveness when all they really need is some guidance in how to present themselves in a better way. A simply change in hair color, style, or self esteem can transform the way one looks dramatically. We have over 200 models, mostly in the States, but also are gaining more international clients for those who live abroad.

WG on time



Not all of the C+2 gigs are huge multi-vendor gaming events. We sometimes work LANs and tournaments. The LANs are some of the best events because there is generally more time for the talent to talk with the attendees and even play games in off hours. In fact, our very first event was a LAN/tournament in Dallas called QuakeCon, where many of the Charisma+2 girls became friends with each other and remain friends 8 years later with the attendees.



Aside from doing paid events, Charisma+2 believes deeply in giving back. We support a handful of charities throughout the year. Giving of our money and time has enabled us to stay humble and grateful for opportunities that many only wish to have. One of the foundational tenets of C+2 is that no person is any better than anyone else. Most modeling agencies take an opposite approach, but we believe that a superiority complex is very unattractive. In short, no one can be a better you than you and you are great.


Miss us? YES you  can come back!

We have had several guys and girls who have asked if they can come back. The answer is: Certainly! If any former model/brand ambassador/talent leaves on good terms, you can certainly apply again. We can not guarantee acceptance, but would likely be quite happy to have you back. We have no hard feelings for those who have left for reasons varying from pregnancy to just wanting to try something new. We have many guys and girls who had never had professional representation before so needed to look elsewhere to find out that we were unlike any other agency out there in many positive ways.

1378167_10151630449665706_213389792_nThe 2015 year has a few new game conventions in new places, so we can use more guys and girls. In particular we still need more people in Boston, NY, Vegas, and San Antonio. However, you can live anywhere if you are willing to travel. One of our girls, Alligirl, in the LoL cosplay above,  lives in a state where there are no big game conventions at all, but she gets booked and flies out. [please review our FAQ page and the entry for Work as a Local on out of town gigs] Since we do specialize in game, tech, and cosplay gigs, there are not nearly as many events throughout the year as we like, but that number is growing every year. Please know that if accepted and if you provide proper required promotional materials, you will be seen by the top tech/game developers and clients in the country.

If you want to look into more about the business aspect of the agency, please check out the About Tab “company” page of the Charisma+2 site. You will see plenty of drop downs under the header tabs and interesting mutli-media outlets in the footer. Also if you like us then Like and Follow us!

We hope to receive your application by following the directions under the Apply Tab on the site. *Pro Tip- Part of the basis of being admitted is your ability to follow directions. Please read and and watch the videos and follow directions exactly. Not following the instructions will count off significantly for your admittance. The demands for your application may seem strict, but they are also so thorough in explanation that other agencies have actually linked our videos to help make their girls get more professional looking profile pages. We are flattered! Bottom line, please do not apply until you have ALL of your materials together. We can improve on your promotional materials, but they must all be provided according to the specs on the Apply Tab.

Thank you for your time. We hope to see your name on the C+2 Assets album!



Please consider this article as a consensus of all of us in the booking pool at Charisma+2,

Pk, Jon, and Suzie

The Bookers of C+2 Facebook

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