NOS Sponsored C+2 MLG Team

NOS Sponsored C+2 MLG Team
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sponsored C+2 MLG team

With the world wide popularity of consoles being added to the foundational world of online PC gaming, clan and team based gaming is at an all time high. On the other hand, what many gamers fail to realize is how different pro gaming with a team is in comparison with individual gaming for fun online. Sure the rules are different, the confines, the dedication, and prize money all make for obvious differences. The separating factor that is often overlooked is the mentality.

Team oriented gamers succeed because of a common goal and approach to that goal. There cannot be a “Lone Wolf” star or the whole gestalt is ruined. Think of it like any sports team. Sure there are some players that do better than others, but it is those star players that fully realize the important role each team member has in the success of them playing well or being defeated.

Uncommon to many all girl teams, Team C+2 works very well together without the cattiness, need for individual limelight, or lack of commitment of many girls teams. Team C+2 is comprised of girls, that despite very different work schedules, time zones, and backgrounds, they will be successful. In our eyes, they already are.


Charisma+2 is proud to announce that NOS is the official sponsor the first Charisma+2 MLG team (called C+2) . The team will be participating in the 2012 MLG Fall Championships in Dallas on November 2nd – 4th. Our first team is an all female group staffed by long time Charisma+2 members. Be warned though, this is not your average all-girl team trying to get by on their looks. Each member has been hand picked for their proficiency in competitive first person shooters. Stay tuned to our blog for up to date news regarding the team and their progress in the competition.
Without further delay, let me introduce everyone to the 2012 Charisma+2 NOS team:




Update OCTOBER 26, 2012

Many people will instantly think that the girls don’t really take this tournament seriously. As their coach, I can assure you they are playing together every chance they get and even making chances when work gets in the way. What do I mean? One of them works for one of the largest marketing firms in the world and has convinced her boss to let them have a Halo Day! She brought in her Xbox 360 and is paying even as I write this with her co-workers… Only I just found out that one of the other girls did the exact same thing today! So, yes, they may be all icing and beauty on the outside, but on the inside, they are very dedicated, competitive, disciplined gamers. They realize that only being formed for a month, unlike their friends and competitors who have gamed as teams for years, means they have to get in game time every single chance they get!

Please come out and join the Charisma+2 girls and friends coming in from all over the country to support Team C+2 at MLG in Dallas next week!


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