Nickelodeon’s WorldWide Day of Play with 2k!

Nickelodeon’s WorldWide Day of Play with 2k!

Hello everybody!

This weekend on September 24th, there was an epic display of energy and youth, plus  the birth of new muscles.  

I worked a booth for 2k play. They were promoting their new Wii game, Nickelodeon dance.  The game promotes health, fitness, and FUN! The game is awesome! Working with the kids was the most fun! So many different children getting together and dancing and having fun with one another. Even the parents began to dance with us all.

We cabbage patched, horsey stepped, and boogied down! We side stepped, and Cha-Chaed! Getting into it!

You name it we did it. Some of the kids gave me a run for my money and when I tried to keep up with them…well, let us put it this way I discovered many new muscles that I did not know I had. LOL


I went to this event with 3 other CPlus2 models who made my experience even better. I drove up to the gig with 2 of them Jacquelynn and Shaun Michael. We listened to music and had fun studying our game rules. When we got there we met Miss Jessie Pridemore, who was literally one of the most spunky people I have ever met. With the Cplus2 team and the 2k play team it was a very awesome first experience at a booth gig for me. It did not even feel like my first experience because of the way everybody got along so well.

I loved working with the kids and would definitely love to work with 2k play again.

They were very professional but also very fun to work with and easy to get along with and feel part of the team. :)



ally awesome