My Vampire Boyfriend: Paid to shop and club!

My Vampire Boyfriend: Paid to shop and club!

                                                                      MY VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND

As you know, I LOVE to play AAA titled games as well as indie games, BUT sometimes I find myself waiting in line or wanting to play a game while in the airport during connecting flights… That is when I love to play a fun, easy to jump in and out of casual game on my phone. I have an android AND an iPhone and it is already ready for the iPhone but will be up on Android soon! You can check out My Vampire Boyfriend and other OscarMikeGames here.

So, to be upfront with you, I was playing shooters and RPGs when SIMS games came out and they didn’t seem all that exciting in comparison… then, I realized one of my favorite parts was customizing my character at the beginning of the game before heading into the adventures. In My Vampire Boyfriend, customizing is just the beginning- but a fun one that becomes more fun the longer the game is played. The really cool part? You earn CREDITS for Shopping, Going to the Club, Getting your Hair styled, Interacting with your Entourage girl posse, and you can also get Cash using the ATM, in addition to working of course. It also has Quests special challenges that reward with cash as well.


The interface is easy to use and intuitive with the swiping from side to side to see more of your world. which starts in venice beach with Crescent Publishing (your work which is awesome because it is like working at C+2 magazine! ), Unraveled (clothing store), your cool home with flatscreen TV and fantastic closet which you will be adding to throughout the game of course), Santiago Salon, Luna Nightclub, an ATM machine, etc. 

The icons at the top are easy to get right away too. You have credits, money, attractiveness, vampiness (which shows your attractiveness to vampires), and energy which is used to perform your job at work and other various actions like parties with your entourage and feeding your vampire boyfriend. You energy recharges over time but you can also be obtained at the cafe- Oh yeah, there is a cute Cafe too with latte’s, hamburgers, and snacks. 


You’ll start out with a choice of 3 vampire boyfriends, but subsequent visits to the club of course open that field up. I found it funny at first that they had such amazing careers like investment banker, etc, but they are usually around 100 years old. I am betting they learned a few things along the way about making money!


Feeding your VB is funny and cute because you hold down your fingers on the fngs to give him blood;p He will also his mood to stay up so you need to keep an eye on that (like irl huh!) In addition to that, you will want to interact with your entourage once you start picking them out. I, of course, chose the fashion magazine editor :)  

So enjoy this FREE TO PLAY casual game next time you are looking for something cute and surprisingly addictive to play. I mean, what’s not to like about getting credits for getting your hair done, buying a table at nightclub, traveling, and hanging out with your girls!