My CES Experience

My CES Experience

And timely as ever.  (Shh, March means nothing!)  I’ve compiled a photographic depiction of my misadventures from January.  Enjoy!

Grand Canyon

On the flight over, I got to see Grand Canyon from my window seat!  Took us about 10-15 mins just to fly over one part.

When I finally got to Vegas, it was too late to make it to the con floor, so instead, I went out!

Vegas, by Moonlight

I caught two Cirque shows while in Vegas: Zumanity and Ka.  They’re some of my favorite to date.

Bathroom, with a TV.

Yes, I took a photo of my bathroom vanity, but that was because it had a TV in the mirror and BOSE speakers in the ceiling.

Shower or Bath, hmmm?

The standing shower and huge soaker tub were pretty awesome too.

Day 2:

I met up with a friend that had managed to grab me a badge.  I got to see sooo many amazing things at CES!  Then my cellphone died!  So I have a few choice photos of items from the floor.

Tron Keyboard from Razr

  Tron keyboard from Razer!  

Nvidia Booth

Gaming laptops from Nvidia featuring some of the newest games at the time.  This one had Battlefield 3 on it.

More from Nvidia

The computer nerd in me took over at the Nvidia booth. Sorry!

Phone Fish in a Real Aquarium 

I want to take credit for putting the .jpg of a fish on a phone in a real aquarium, but sadly, someone beat me to it.

See, they got me.

Fujitsu, and their phones of amazing.

But does it come with a fluxx capacitor?

They were offering a free trip for 4 to the Delorean factory.  The Rep mentioned to us that any jokes about “flux capacitors” would be met with many scowls.

Galaxy Note

Artists were doing caricatures of volunteers throughout CES using the Samsung Galaxy Note.  I didn’t get to have one, so color me jelly!

Lenovo, or the people my younger bro worships.

I swung by and took a pick of the dead Lenovo booth outside for my younger bro who worships the company and it’s products.  (I’m certain his pile of brick-tops is an unofficial shrine.)

Next up is my Final Four Adventure!