Model of the Day: KELLY VALKYRIE

Model of the Day: KELLY VALKYRIE
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Have you ever spotted that girl in costume at the midnight release that’s running around the store but not actually standing in line? Then you probably have already met Kelly. [and yes, she received her copy last]

This Sci-fi/Fantasy loving girl is thrilled to be in costume any chance she gets including the highly anticipated Halo 4 release at the Microsoft Store in Arizona where she officially debuted her Cortana costume. If you have ever befriended a cosplayer, then you know they have been to quite a few conventions and she is no exception. Her “con” adventures began with a little gathering called AniZona back in 2007. Since then, Kelly has attended Anime Expo and Phoenix Comic Con several years in a row. She has even volunteered at PCC flexing her guns for security [Can you imagine her trying to control a line for Stan Lee? Comic-cal. Get it? ]

Since she has a blast at events as an attendee, she can’t wait for the chance to go as a hired employee.

Would you like to know more?

Visit her C+2 Profile or Cosplay Page

Kelly Link 2

Kelly Link 3assassin2


Cortana6HaloGroup2600347_444153475609866_1257038386_n581352_479129525445594_1595042430_nGetUrPrint4Kelly Link

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