Miyaku as LOL Crimson Akali on elohell

Miyaku as LOL Crimson Akali on elohell
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Miyaku as LOL Crimson Akali on elohell

JDM Miyaku has been with Charisma+2 since Feb 2012 and has definitely grown increasingly comfortable with her hawt side, but maintaining the sweetest, down-to-earth and warm personality she had before becoming gamer model.

This week she is being featured on LOL community site elohell looking AMAZING as Crimson Akali But You will have to click HERE to see Her CRIMSON AKALI COSPLAY PHOTO. If you are new to LoL or been living under a rock, elohell is a fantastic place to go For:

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 4.37.08 PM




I recall when she applied, she had a handful of professional shots and a very candids so I’d know what she photographed like irl. All of her submission photos were fantastic. One photo (right) sticks out in mind whenever I think about the moment I sent her application to the silent partners for approval (as if there was any doubt!). I loved that she seemed comfortable in her own skin, right there outside by a fence. She didn’t seem to need any special outfit or prop. It was just a unfussy, kicked back, sexiness that made me think she would be great on shoots, event gigs, and hopefully easy to talk to. I was right.

Eager to do a great job, she didn’t mind jumping in and getting right to the task at hand, unlike some girls I have seen at events who were comparably attractive.

In no time at all, Miyaku landed a Sony gig and caught the eye of NOS as well.

Industrious, approachable, and down right gorgeous, Miyaku’s warmth and hotness make the Texas summer sizzle more than the sun. Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.miyaku



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