Magicka: Wizard Wars

Magicka: Wizard Wars
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There are more than plenty of PvP: first person shooter games, but how many use primarily magic and only magic? Though titles remain abundant on the internet; even still, they can’t compare to the uniqueness of Magicka: Wizard Wars, the first title to come from Paradox North, a new studio from Paradox Interactive. How so? Well, first and foremost, all players must assume the role of a mage, and nothing else. Second, any and all combat is through a spell-casting system, so instead of firing gun ammo at opponents, you’re firing at them with flames, or ice, or wind, or lighting, or by other options provided. Third, it’s a multiplayer online battle arena game where teams of four can interact and combine the use of a broad variety of spells against other teams of four. Fourth, players can design their own personalized wizard wardrobe with choice of color, decorations, even items that reference to current events, pop culture, and media. Fifth, while the action is fast-paced, and attacks are unpredictable, one of the greatest aspects involved is humor. There’s no clashing over kingdoms, or defeating dark lords, just basic competitive gameplay with slapstick sorcery.

A little over two years ago Norwegian video game developer Arrowhead Game Studios launched an original project called Magicka. Back then, the action-adventure was a little different, having three main game modes, a story-driven campaign with a four-player co-op, a skilled co-op which meant solving puzzles and other challenges as a team, and later on a free PvP mode online. By then the idea of having a more dedicated PvP game within the Magicka franchise emerged. Thus, came about Magicka: Wizard Wars.

A lot of the fun with Magicka: Wizard Wars comes from not just from interacting with other players, in hostile situations, but through clever customizations of your wizard. Do you want a panda suit? Maybe a top hat? Those are just a mere few choices to lay with. Keep in mind each robe you wear and the staff you carry come with a certain benefit that others won’t have. The basic gameplay uses a spell-system made of eight different elements which can be combined while playing.  For example by picking fire, the player will shoot flames, but by combining fire with stone, the player can shoot fireballs. A maximum of three elements can be combined for combat.

Each player has a health bar, but magic power is consistent with no restrictions, so a mana bar isn’t necessary. On the subject of armor, let’s say you buy a wooden plate; it might help you be immune to earth attacks, but you won’t stand a chance against fire attacks. And remember, there’s no need to build a town, establish an army or save a kingdom from tyranny. Everything you need is from the get-go at the beginning. Only as you progress do you gain the option of adding skills, new robe colors, new decorations, and new spells.

One forest level is available to play as battleground. But the designers want to hear ideas from gamers on what other kinds of levels for battlegrounds they want to see created for the game: a frozen tundra, a desert cover with dunes, a cave labyrinth, a sky tower, a swampy field?

So visit the forums and let your imagination run wild!!


-Fight intense 4-on-4 team battles by combining your own dynamic spells and wielding humor as a weapon

-Adapt your attacks on the fly to counter your opponents’ tactics and show your skill in fast-paced action

-Friendly fire is in full effect, staying true to the Magicka tradition of “accidentally” killing your friends

-Hardcore game mechanics, instantly approachable chaotic gameplay

-A new approach to PvP that only Magicka could create

-Indulge your wizard pride and get your Robes, Staves and Humor of choice ready!

Right now the game is strictly for PC and a release date has not been announced. But keep an eye out for news on their websites. And enjoy the teaser provided below!


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