Liquid Perfection: Lime Crime Velvetines

Liquid Perfection: Lime Crime Velvetines
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Ever since lipstick was invented, people have been looking for ways to make those beautiful colors last as long as humanly possible.

Lime Crime has found a lovely secret to pigmented, opaque, vibrant color in the form of the Velvetines liquid lipstick. Lime Crime’s description of the Velvetines is, “Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!” While no product is completely perfect, Lime Crime has definitely pushed the envelope of that perfection with the Velvetine formula. So far they have created seven colors that run $20.00 each, Red Velvet, Suedeberry, Pink Velvet, Wicked, Salem, Black Velvet, and Utopia. In this review, I will be covering all of the colors with the exception of Pink Velvet.


Before we get started on the pretty colors and swatches, there are a few facts about the formula I would like to share. It comes in the beautiful Lime Crime packaging adorned with the logo and roses and a doe-foot applicator. The color glides on like a lip-gloss. It has a very thin, almost watery, consistency. However it goes on very opaque with one swipe. This thin consistency makes it very easy to apply and control without a lip liner or even a lip brush if you choose not or don’t have one available. Within a few minutes, the formula dries to one of the mattest finishes I have ever encountered. To get the most precise and a flawless application, two coats causes it to be at its most vibrant and smooth. It will not budge for many hours, however how long depends on activities. Normal wear with minimal eating and drinking, I have personally worn this product for 10 hours with a little wear on the inner lip from saliva and movement. Drinking barely touches the product and eating anything with minimal oil will leave it in tact. Oil-based and fat-based foods will remove the product and can make it patchy. Reapplying will be necessary. The Velvetines do have a sweet but very slight paint smell that dissipates within seconds.

*All the pictures, hand swatches and lip swatches are taken in natural light. The first picture is the color. The second picture is of the tube itself. The first hand swatch picture is wet and the second hand swatch is dried down matte. The last picture is a lip swatch of two coats of the Velvetine.

The first color they ever created was a neutral, mildly blue-based, pin up, Hollywood starlet red called Red Velvet. Lime Crime describes this color as, “The perfect matte red! Rich and velvety, like petals of a rose.” And oh my, it lives up to its description. The forever search for the perfect, matte red lip is officially over. Smooth, rich, classic and glamorous is an understatement for this lip color.




The next color in the collection is Suedeberry. It is described as a “matte coral red” and has been said it’s a very strawberry red. This is such a fresh color. It’s a fantastic spring and summer color but I’m so in love with it, I would wear it whatever the season. It definitely comes off a little more orange on me. If a bright orange lip intrigues you but it is a little too much, this would be the perfect color to try.




The next three are part of the Clueless Witch collection. And they are Wicked, Salem and Black Velvet.

The first of the three is a ridiculously rich, vampy color. Wicked. Lime Crime describes it as a “matte burgundy-red.” It seems to me it has the tiniest smidgen of brown in it. No matter what your skin tone, this creates  the loveliest vampy lip. I could never get enough of this color.




The second is Salem. I was on the fence about this one as it is a neutral milk chocolate brown. I had never tried a brown lip of any kind before this color. I have grown to adore it. It is definitely for an adventurous makeup junkie and it is definitely out of the ordinary. The color could be very reminiscent of the 90’s. I find I like to wear it when I don’t want something as dark as a black lip but want to be unique and fierce.




Black Velvet is the final installment in the Clueless Witch collection. It is the “deepest matte black.” And it certainly lives up to the description. It’s so dark and seductive. I wear it for a night out. Black Velvet is very striking and extreme. It can be very couture or very gothic depending on your intent.




The final color I am reviewing is the newest color to the collection. When I saw this “Vibrant orchid,” I had to have it in my life. It is very flirty and unique. This color follows the lovely purple lip trend.




In this next set of pictures I wanted to demonstrate the staying power of this Velvetine. I have swatched two coats of Red Velvet on my hand. I took a dry tissue and wiped extremely firmly with a quite a bit of pressure the first time.


This is the second wipe using the same tissue and pressure.


The third wipe. The same hard pressure with a dry tissue.


As you can see, it takes some effort to even get it to budge which is very rare to see in a lip product. These products do not stick as well and last as long when a lip balm is applied over or under it. And though a lip-gloss can look beautiful over the Velvetines, it does contain oils and ingredients that will smudge the product, reduce it’s long-wearing effect and cause it to be patchy.

Using a lip scrub is recommended with the Velvetines to knock off any dry patches. But I can honestly say I can never get rid of all the rough patches but I really haven’t noticed a huge problem. The formula covers and holds to even those imperfections.


Vibrant color

Extremely matte

No cracking

Ease of application

Staying power

Each color is universal on all skin tones

Covers imperfections

For the formula, the price is reasonable

Does not stain your lips



Can be very drying. Which can be uncomfortable if you aren’t used to matte lipsticks

Does wear off on the inner ring of the lips over time

Not as affordable as other lip products

Cannot be put on in a flash. It does take a few moments to apply

Can stain fabrics and fibers

And there you have it! The Lime Crime, ground-breakingly phenomenal Velvetine formula. I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone that desires to look ravishing in a dramatic lip color for hours on end. If you can live with the inner lip wear after a few hours and a little dryness, this product will blow you away.

Thanks for reading, beautiful people. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this product. I know I am. Stay tuned for tutorials and more reviews!

~Elaheh Shine, MUA




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