Life of a Married Gaming Couple

Life of a Married Gaming Couple
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Ah, the perfect Saturday. Wake up, drink some coffee, spend the afternoon clocking headshots on your favorite FPS, followed by a relaxing evening in (of course), vegging out on your favorite RPG. Sound fun? Now let’s take those same activities and add a coop partner for life; a spouse that also has a passion for gaming. That is a dream for many gamers and as of October 2014, a reality for me!

*8-bit wedding bells*


It is said that opposites attract, but in my experience that is not true- with gaming at least. It opens up a whole new magical world to explore together, hundreds actually. We’ve shared countless experiences together from tearing up over a game’s ending, to single handedly carrying our team to victorious wins with online multiplayer games. Being able to share one of my biggest passions with someone as nerdy as I am is fantastic. Not having to bargain or explain why I need more games when I have 700 at my disposal already is wondrous.


However, it is not always fun and games (okay it is, but it’s not). Even though we are both gamers, we still have disagreements over gaming related things. “Why do you need to purchase another skin for your AK on Call of Duty when you have already unlocked Gold?”, “You played through the next 8 missions without me?!”, “You need to give Mass Effect another chance- YES, YES YOU DO”. They sound trivial, but when my husband first told me he didn’t like Majora’s Mask I wasn’t sure of our future at that moment. (Kidding) Of course, I’d rather be arguing about which Zelda game is best, instead of trying to explain why Zelda is not the guy with the sword.




Despite the meaningless arguments over opinions, the gaming life with the one you love is immensely incredible.

Overall 10/10, would recommend.

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