Le Vamp

Le Vamp
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I ran! I ran so far awayyyyyyyyyyyyy……couldn’t get away.

Never has a song so adequately describe my gaming experience. (other than that one time with Amnesia The Dark Descent..but I was mostly crying while I ran)

High Voltage Software’s , Le Vamp , is a endless runner title that sets itself apart from the rest with it’s unique art style,interesting powerups and reason for why you are running not just

Prepare yourself to fling piggies into your mouth.  You must swipe fast to get rid of obstacles so your little prince of darkness does not succumb to the mob of mortals. Then the mime wins. No seriously there’s a mime in the mob of villagers…That silent bastard.


The game gets addicting fast and by the time you hit 500 mark you are hooked. ( I usually die around 800 mark)   A word to the wise: Make sure you get those power ups. After my 8th go around I realized I forgot completely about the powerups and they really make a difference once your little hellion picks up speed.

Le vamp is a ton of fun, addicting and only 99 cents. What are you waiting for?

About the Author: Ninja Muffin

Ninja Muffin
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Ninja Muffin originally hails from a small town in Florida one day she packed her bags and began her adventure to conquer the evils of the dark castle,”College”  At this college she attain vast experience and achieved many different ranks. Now she is hailed in her town as the hero who defeated the dark castle of College.
When our adventurer is not doing her daily quests, she is crafting delicious food, reading scrolls and reviewing what to do if the undead shall appear.

Currently her games of choice are: America’s Army: Proving Grounds, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 , Infestation: Survivor Stories and Dungeon and Dragons  with her group in South Florida.

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