KiraKira Con with Michaeline “Mikki” Stith

KiraKira Con with Michaeline “Mikki” Stith
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I attended KiraKira Con on Sunday May 5th in the Student Union Building at UNC-Charlotte. I was unable to attend the previous day due to a prior commitment but snagged an table at artist alley to sell my pixel art for the day.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I found the Student Union Building on the UNC-Charlotte campus. The parking deck was free and it was easy to navigate to the third floor of the building. This was where the convention was held. The two members working at registration were very friendly, and I was quickly checked it. KiraKira Con sent an email earlier that week explaining that they had an unconventional table set-up due to the limitations of the space. It explained that there were two main areas for artist alley tables and so table distribution was to be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. This was very professional to be up-front about their situation, and it helped me make sure that I got to the con and got set-up nice and early. I sold a bunch of pixel art and met some super awesome local lolita enthusiasts.

Dealer Room at KiraKira Con

The convention hosted Dr. Charles Dunbar on its guest list. Dr Dunbar is best known for his studies of anime. He has also written for websites like Insert Disc () and Real Otaku Gamer ()

The dealer room and artist alley were both intimate but still lively. The dealer room featured games, figurines, and anime/manga themed merchandise while the artist alley displayed handmade jewelry, crocheted geekery, and furry tails and ears.

AMV Panel at KiraKira Con

KiraKira Con hosted many events including a maid cafe of adorable maids and butlers that served snack to attendees. Tabletop gaming was featured in an “Into to Magic” panel as well as tournaments for both Yu Gi Oh and Magic: the Gathering. Some truly amazing panels were “Gyaru Fashion and Culture 101”, “Kowai: Ghosts, Yokai and Japanese Monster Culture” as well as the AMV Contest. Other crowning jewels in KiraKira Con programming were the costume contest, rave, karaoke, and video game rooms.

I had a fun experience at this intimate, local convention. I am very excited to see how it continues to grow.

Check out this video I made with my friend, Brian Brown of Symbiote

All images and video are courtesy of Symbiote ( Used with permission

–Michaeline “Mikki” Stith
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Photo by Symbiote About the Author Michaeline “Mikki” Stith is a convention specialist who enjoys all forms of nerdom. Well-versed in sci-fi, comics, anime, video games and more, she is currently a student pursuing degrees in theatre and marketing.


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