Inside International CES 2014 (Part 1)

Inside International CES 2014 (Part 1)
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If you could fit cars, gaming, music, 3D printing and flowers into one building you would end up with exactly this, the International  CES Convention. Just stepping off the Las Vegas Monorail you would have your mind blown. This was not just your typical convention1503326_641313145929472_1871068752_n that would fit into 2 or 3 days of walking around, oh no, this is a convention that takes 4 days and even more to see everything the Las Vegas Convention Center could hold. This was one of my first huge conventions and a great kick off to 2014 and the technology we are going to see unfold within the year. There was the largest variety of technology to discover inside and some of which you wouldn’t expect to see at a show like this. So let me give you some more detail on the coolest things I saw once I entered the golden gates of International CES, not to mention meeting some awesome people from around the world!

11846984675_92688c4922For starters I got to take a look at Nvidia‘s booth which they were demonstrating their awesome G-Sync technology on their 4k monitors for the first time at CES. What is G-Sync you may ask? Well it is a brilliant piece of technology that every gamer on this planet will want, and more so the greatest piece of technology that computer based gamers would need to have flawless gameplay of their favorite titles. So what does it do? It manages to remove all tearing that happens during normal gameplay and enhances the video quality dramatically. With G-Sync, turning around in a game or running really quickly throughout the map will look flawless on your monitor, no jumping or tearing of the image quality like most computers would show. Testing out games like Batman and Assassins Creed: Black Flag with the G-Sync technology was amazing, and comparing G-Sync to off mode and on mode during gameplay was incredible, you would never know how your current monitor quality compared to G-Sync until you tested it side by side.

RazerAnother awesome piece of technology that caught my eye at CES was at the Razer booth. They revealed their newest concept to building your own gaming computer, Project Christine, and I have got to tell you, it is the coolest thing when it comes to gaming computer creation. This computer starts with just the slim tower, and as you choose what you want for your computer to enhance it, you add modular compartments to either side. Its like having a Lego computer where you can switch parts around and alter the design as you see fit, it is 100% customizable. This computer also uses active liquid cooling, and even noise cancellation, so say goodbye to your current noisy running computers! Now this is just a concept computer, which I hope becomes available on the market because this is a must have for anyone who is new to building their own machine. Also, Razer introduced their Nabu Smartband which ended up winning Best of CES Peoples Choice!


Moving into the car aspect I came across the coolest vehicles that will be ruling the road in the upcoming years and one of them was by Lit Motors. They introduced the C-1 and the Kubo at this years show and i’ll tell you what they are the most unique looking vehicles I have seen. The C-1 is a single person 100% electric vehicle that looks almost like it came from the future. It  has a sleek design and a stabilized body, do there will be no fear in driving it, even though it only uses 2 wheels! Lit Motors put the C-1 on the market for pre-orders


this year and will be releasing it in the coming fall, so by 2015 you will be seeing a lot more of these awesome looking cars out on the road, or maybe even driving one yourself! Now, the Kubo is a unique 100% electric scooter with a design that is not like your typical one. This is more of a square shape, and it runs up to 45 MPH and can go 50 miles with one charge which is pretty nice if you are planning on using it to get around town. The design was created in a way so that you could place items inside the square area, up to 300 LBS, now that is nuts! This nifty scooter is looking to be released THIS SUMMER 2014! So I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on one!


Another awesome vehicle that caught my eye was the Toyota i-Road. If you thought a smart car was cool looking then this will blow you away, the Toyota i-Road looks like a smart car cut in half, and it seats two people close together for the thin design, so hopefully the driver and the passenger don’t mind being so close together when driving around town. This vehicle is going to be released in Japan as part of the Ha:Mo car sharing system, but I can see this eventually moving to the USA in a couple years. The Toyota i-road is an electric trike and only has a top speed of about 28 MPH, which when you think about it, would make it closer to a scooter than an actual car, but non the less it still looks pretty cool.


So there you have one small snapshot from International CES 2014. I will be posting part 2 within a couple of days but if this article doesn’t make you super excited to read more then I don’t know what will! Stay tuned!

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