Infinium Strike

Infinium Strike
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After a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter Austin-based indie developer Codex Worlds is finally set to release their latest project: Infinium Strike.


Deep within a war between humanity and an invasive alien race, players assume the role of chief weapons officer aboard a deep space battlecarrier, wielding its arsenal of weapons, spaceships and cutting-edge technologies to defeat their cunning enemies. 

The year is 2170. The 20-year Wrog War rages on. Mankind’s outer colonies have been devastated. Our brightest scientists have constructed humanity’s greatest weapon: the space fortress, Freedom Strike. The first Ares-Class Battlecarrier, Freedom Strike acts as both a mobile command station and a spacecraft carrier with customized battery towers, TSF SuperTech weaponry, and a fleet of 3D-printed warships designed to survive the endless onslaught of the Wrog Swarm.

Infinium is the key to winning this war. Harvested from the remains of Wrog ships, infinium is the key element in the creation of Cyber-Gen 119, aka “living titanium.” Cyber-Gen creates drone ships, allows for the creation of turrets, and is used to repair your ship.

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Although the presentation is very different from traditional tower defense games, at its core, Infinium Strike is a lane management-style tower defense game. With 7 towers and 5 levels of upgrades, you decide which towers to place and where and when. All choices affect the outcome of the battle. 

Freedom Strike’s self-piloting systems guide the player through hostile Wrog territory, allowing the player to focus on the battle around him or her: strategically placing turrets, deploying ships, and activating special ship weapons. 

By harvesting and utilizing Infinium – the living metal of the cosmos – players can endlessly “print” powerful turrets and a deadly drone fleet.

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Full story campaign with four levels of difficulty

Deep space endless arcade mode with high score leaderboard

Wide variety of tactics using towers, ships and TSF SuperTech abilities

Immersive, realistic 3D graphics

Build your career from an Ensign to an Admiral

With striking visuals, beautiful cinematics, and already garnering admirable reviews gamers fond of tower defense strategic action hybrid games with arcade-style action will undoubtedly favor this gorgeous game which launches on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on July 14, 2016








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